Hyperx Cloud Core connect to a USB dongle?(the 7.1 surround sound)


Mar 1, 2017
I already own a hyperx cloud core but i wanna connect it to my PS3.

Even though the website said it is not compatible to the PS3 but i saw some video that said it is possible(but they didnt show it on the video) so i am assume it is possible to be used on PS3 as long as i buy a USB dongle.

I was wondering if there is any other USB dongle/USB adapter better than the one they provided on their site?

Update: ok thanks for the respond


basically you're looking for a usb soundcard that is compatible with the ps3. there are cheap ones like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxnXZlhQpKg then there are things like the astro mixamp, dss2 and similar which cost more.

which dongle is best? hard to say but i would think the more well known and popular models are a safer choice.

unfortunatley the ps3 does not have analog support like the ps4 does (on controller) or things would be easier.
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