I am looking for a long lasting battery life gaming laptop


Oct 1, 2016
I would like to get a gaming laptop for photo editing, gaming and programming. I was looking into Asus GL502vs with the GTX 1070m option, however the battery life is insanely low, I like the Gigabyte Arous x3 plus v5 however it is more pricey, only with GTX 970 and I am afraid that it decay rate is faster then Asus (although I don't think I am going to sell it). I would want USB-type c thunderbolt 3 too. I tried the alienware 15 r2, however, it is a bit bulky and heavy for me. Which one do you guys think I should get? Or, any other suggestions?
First there is no such thing as a long battery life for a gaming laptop. The most battery life that I know is 6 hours of normal usage for the alienware r3. If you could give me some websites that you visit, I can have a look.