I cannot install any operating system


Mar 27, 2016
Hello everyone.
I have a Lenovo g50-45 laptop.When i bought it it came with windows 8.1 preinstalled, which is embedded in the motherboard.I installed ubuntu by deleting Windows. I think when i did it, i also deleted the Windows recovery files on the computer.The installation of ubuntu went fine.since i am not so much familiar with linux i wanted to go back to windows.i started my computer with a bootable usb.i went to the repair options and typed bootrec/fixmbr on the command prompt to uninstall grub and formatted the discs to completely clean my computer . Then when i tried to install windows 8.1, it said windows cannot be installed on this disc.so i tried to install ubuntu again but the installation doesnt start.i see ubuntu's purple page and then a little white line blinking on a black screen and it doesn't continue.so i now have a useless laptop with no operating system installed.in my opinion i damaged bios.is it possible that i did any harm to a component of the laptop.how do i solve this problem?thanks.
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