I can't install new windows on my laptop


Jul 7, 2017
So, apparently i did something wrong with my laptop
I installed windows 10 home before (by mistake) and wanted to install windows 10 pro so i went to the setting to reset everything.

so when it was resetting and installing the windows i pressed the power button (by mistake again)
so i got the Error message "The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error"

i tried solutions on the internet but nothing is working

i want to reset everything and start from the beginning (formatting or whatever)

i just want to install my windows and make it work. Can someone please help


Question from Mohamed_164 : "I can't install windows 10 in my new laptop !!!!"

That error is a pain as it won't let you do anything.

Does drive have hdd or ssd? If hdd, you might be best using https://dban.org/ on the drive, wipe it and then fresh install win 10 again
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