I dont know what password its asking for. It says current password ..not google or nck....it was factory reset and now i can't


Apr 8, 2017
I purchased a refurbished lg stylus and it appears that it had been factory reset and is ready for me to set up and activate it. I get to the wifi connection screen and then it asks for a current password...not google authentication or verification and doesn't specify if its the nck code or some other network code ...what is the password its asking for and can I fix this myself or an I going to have to take it back to the store.


Nov 2, 2016
This is the WIFI network Pass Word, unless this is an open WIFI net work, an if so to the open network this is asking for Admin pass word for using devices WIFI connection, an if your admin, or at-least have admin privileges, Guess it's the software in the device (Sounds Like Factory Rest) malfunctioned if this pass word is not for just the net work resource said connection, or WIFI modem pass word? Take it Back ? or Try Factory Reset Again ? Good Luck