I have a android tablet and accidently disabled my keyboard and I put a password. on my tablet and now I cannot get in.

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Key question - do you know the password? We can't help with bypassing passwords, but if you set a password and the machine won't let you answer it we can work on it.

What make and model of machine do you have? When locked, does it respond to anything? Power button, home button, swiping down from the top of the screen to change the brightness? I'm assuming that the "keyboard" is the touch screen; am I wrong and you have an external keyboard?


Jun 25, 2016

I'm not the one who originally posted this question; but I have foolishly locked myself out of my Dell Venue 8 tablet in a similar fashion.. I've disabled the google keyboard app.. which has caused the device to run a series of consecutive (never ending) 'fail' messages.. then, NOT THINKING, I hit the power button for a shut down.. but I forgot that my device is password protected.. and now I don't have a touch keyboard with which to input that password !! (so stupid of me!). I do know my password, I have Android Studio installed on my lap (but I'm not really familiar with it).. Is there any way to re-enable an app on the tablet over USB via Android Studio ? I don't think I've ever enabled 'debug over usb' on the tablet..
I believe that's the whole story, and I would *really really* appreciate any help you may be able to offer !



Jun 25, 2016
Managed to solve this! (and thank you WK for replying to my pm).
Here's my case and my solution; I hope this might someday help someone :
Case: What happened was that I, stupidly, disabled my tablet's google keyboard. This left me with no way to input characters onto various apps.. - I tried to re-enable the keyboard, but the tablet went into a 'spin' sending out various error messages (I may have hit a field that required the keyboard to popup, but no keyboard was available, since I had just disabled it..). Under a slight panic, I forced shutdown via continuous press on the power button. Then, when I turned the tablet back on, I was dumbfounded that it didn't cross my mind I'll need that keyboard in order to input my password !! (tablet is password protected).
- - - My initial hunch was to somehow re-enable the keyboard app over USB via Android Studio - though debug mode on the tablet was not set to on, I had a feeling this might somehow work (along with trying to turn the tablet on in some recovery mode via its hardware external buttons) - - - Searched forums / Dell Support / Google Support = No go (for me), don't have the knowledge (or time) to really delve into it right now.. (I'm positive some can pull this off).
- - - Second idea: use a hardware keyboard OTG USB adapter (would have tried this tomorrow, b u t . . .)
- - - Third thought: Logged onto google play on chrome with the account associated with the tablet --> was able to see all of the apps installed on the various devices attached to the account, also able to *install* apps on these devices through google play on chrome!!!
(very) luckily for me, the tablet was wifi enabled at time of crash, and remained that way throughout boots, re-boots and recovery mode tryouts - -> While the tablet was ON and still locked, waiting for a pword to be input --> I chose to install google keyboard on the tablet (through the play store, on chrome, on my PC) --> sure enough, the little download button on the top right hand corner started blinking ! (it was downloading the google keyboard app and installing it).
--> after it finished, I shut the tablet down, waited a bit, turned it back on --> the keyboard was there, in place !!

A long silly story, I hope this'll help somebody though.



Jun 28, 2016

I was thinking of getting rid of my device until i came across this. Man, such a silly thing to do.. disable the google keyboard. i did the same and waited for a few days just thinking of rooting my device and shit... god damn, then you occured to me as THE GOD

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