I have a Samsung Smart TV and a pair of M5 wireless speakers came with it. No matter what I've tried to do, no connection!


Aug 29, 2015
I have a Samsung Smart TV and a pair of M5 wireless speakers came with it. No matter what I've tried to do, I can't get the 2 speakers to connect to the TV. Multiroom keeps showing that it's not available. Can you help, please?


Aug 29, 2015

Good Evening, WyomingKnott... The model number of my 75-inch Samsung Smart TV is: UN75H6300AFXZA.

The 2 M5 speakers came with a hub, which I connected to my wireless router. The speakers work, wirelessly with my laptop computer and iPads. They just won't connect to my TV. My laptop and iPads are connected wirelessly to the TV, but the 2 speakers aren't! No matter what I try, I cannot get my Multiroom function, on the TV, to become active!

I can see the wireless audio on my TV, but it will not connect!

My TV, as well as the speakers are connected wirelessly to my home domain.
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