I have an older insigna tv and hooked up my blu ray but tv says no signal , i used an hdmi but still tv says no signal

Jun 3, 2018
Please help i hooked my tv up to blu ray but tv says no signal my tv is on older insigna i hooked it up with hdmi and made sure it was in the right slot but tv says no signal


Reading insignia help forums, if an hdcp issue the display should just show a solid blank screen. No signal is believed to be the player itself.

Have you tried the player on someone else's tv to check the player does work?

Have you tried another hdmi cable?

Try hdcp reset by turning both tv and player to standby. Disconnect hdmi cable at each end, leave be for 30seconds. Reconnect hdmi cable to both tv and player and turn on just the player, give it a bit to bootup before turning tv on. If that doesn't work try the reverse, tv on before player.

If player does indeed work then see here. Towards the end talking about hdmi splitters.


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