Question I have forgotten the name of a game

Jul 10, 2019
For some reason my list of previously downloaded apps and games for my google account has been reased and now i want to know if i can somehow see the list again or revive it
otherwise i ll try my luck to find the game as i remember what happens in it but whatever i try to find doesnt give either name or pictures
The list would not be erased in the play store account. It shows all your old and current stuff unless you go in and remove apps from the list within the play store.

Now are you sure you are actually logged into the correct account? If at any point you had a different account (or more than one) then each account will have different info.

Unless you removed them, or someone else had access to your account (or you are in the wrong account), they won't just disappear.

For further info I would suggest contacting the play store.
Jun 24, 2019
Use the same account that you have installed that game. Then go to the play store and go to my app and games then go to the library you will show your app history that you have installed in the past.
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