I have no way to remove the SD from the phone

Calvin 58

Oct 5, 2016
I need to retrieve all my phone numbers and my photos from my phone but it is dead it is enclosed there's no way to get to the SD card or the battery you can put it on the charger and they do come on for a Split Second and then turn itself off what should I do??
Your contacts might appear on the new phone the first time you log into G-Mail or even the Play Store. Google has all your personal data if you let them.
Well, if there is an SD card then it has to be accessible. Phones don't come with them built in. Even a SIM card, if it has one, would be accessible. In regard to accessing, if you can't turn it on, there is no way to get the data. I would suggest trying to charge it for a while and see if you can get even a little bit of a charge. This will then allow you to connect the phone to a computer and get the data off it quickly.