i have samsung mu7000 uhd 4k tv which doesnt have built in bluetooth,is ther any tricks to enable BT from service menu?if so t

Oct 10, 2018
The remote that comes with the MU7000 is Bluetooth. If you’re trying to pair up a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse or Bluetooth headset.
1.Home 2. Toggle left to settings 3. Settings will take you to main menu arrow down to you highlight general
4. From general you have to enable what device you want to allow which is in external device manager.
- You would select keyboard manager to pair up a Bluetooth keyboard mouse
- you would select device connect manager to allow a smart phone using the built-in Samsung Wi-Fi app available in App Store or any type of headset using Bluetooth
Oct 10, 2018
The reason you cannot go to service menu with the Bluetooth remote that comes with MU 7/8/9 NU8/9 and all Q LEDs from 2017 on is because the commands from a factory remote are infrared not Bluetooth and when you’re using an app it’s Wi-Fi based. You can perform a standard factory reset from the support menu under self diagnosis but the only way to do a full fledge factory reset/Edid reset/ check option bytes are correct/Check all errors The main board records during operation including ER/AR and watchdog Errors / any individual hardware failures/ run advance test patterns and other advanced features. Is in the service menu it’s self. Aside from Basic test patterns in the self diagnosis menu and holding the home button down to get a pin code for remote management. There is test pattern and you can run four main board failure or panel failure outside of the service menu but again you need remotes that have a numeric codes.
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