I have two AMD graphics cards on my laptop but they both seem to be useless


Jun 10, 2017
These are the two graphics cards present in my laptop, as you can clearly see it says that the R5 card has 512 MB of graphic memory wheres the other card hold 2048 MB of graphic memory. The R5 Card hold the DirectX files wheres the other one (HD 8500M) doesn't.



My Operating system is a Windows 7 32 Bit OS, I'd be thankful even if someone could direct me to an ideal Graphic driver download for these graphic cards which could help enable them BOTH function.

I've tried updating them through Device Manager - Useless.

The Graphic memory supposed to be offered to me was 2 GB when I purchased the laptop.

The AMD auto detect tool gives me an error saying - "The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. CS:0dea IP:024e OP:63 61 6c 64 3d Choose 'Close' to terminate the application." So my hopes at finding the right graphic driver are on a stand still.

I'm not able to run games as the graphic memory is too low to even compute the particles, e.g. Player Unknown's BattleGrounds, EVE: Online, etc. Where's some games which offer gameplay in lower resolutions like CS:GO and Dota 2 run smooth.

Any Help would be appreciated, thank you.

UPDATE: Gonna' try another driver and see if I can crossfire through CCC.


Jun 21, 2016
if im not wrong one of them is apu of the processor and the other one is the dedicated gpu one, so i guess you cant really make them work together to get better performance, they will operate as what they usually be. some games like pubg werent really good improved in terms of performance
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