I literally just got my rca voyager pro model number rct6773w42b and it won't turn on. I put it to charge but there isn't any

While normally I would make suggestions on what to try, if you 'just' got this then you should be taking it back to where you got it from, or contacting the manufacturer. No new device should be doing that.


Feb 24, 2017
I've not a suggestion to offer aside from supporting the one saying, "return...New should not happen..." ! My comment is one of feelin your pain! I'm having identical issues on both, two of two Android tablets! One set of shenanigans and then, another! Ridiculousness. So, by a friend's good Grace I'll be able to purchase from her a secondhand MacBook. Cannot wait! Apple products are so far, superior quality to Android from all the research I've done. Four Androids deep & jump in ship for sure! Good luck to you.