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  1. Carrieh41182

    Question Rca voyager 3 wont reset

    Trying to reset tablet but keeps saying bootcode error and turning off then coming back on to logo screen. Help!
  2. G

    Solved! My RCA Voyager Android tablet keeps rebooting itself, why? It's a little over 2 years old

    Why is my tablet rebooting itself?
  3. V

    Solved! I need to activate n get code for my rva Voyager 3

    I need help
  4. H

    Solved! Hey. My RCA voyager III tablet just started having sound problems.

    Basically, the speaker stopped playing sound. Nothing is muted. None of the sounds will work, including alarms. I haven't done anything to damage the speaker, unless playing stuff at full volume counts as damaging the device. For some reason, blowing into the speaker brings the sound back, but...
  5. B

    Solved! rca voyager 3 tablet android

    need ans to the rca voyager 3 tablet re: system UI has stopped. It is noted to be solved, how do I get the answer to correct this?
  6. Z

    Solved! It turn on but it wont go to main screen

    It turn on it stay on voyager
  7. D

    Solved! Help with rca tablet

    I tried a factory rest it said denied what is something else I can do if it is stuck on Voyager III screen? I trying reboot system wipe catche everything is being denied or failed my mom got it for Christmas and no it won't work
  8. K

    Need an activation code for an RCA Voyager 3 model number RCT6973W343 DISa 1002211636??

    Years ago I received the tablet as a gift and never got the receipt. Now when the representative puts the no. in it comes up unavailable or something like that. I don't have any idea where it was purchased from, I like I said, it's been 4/5 years since I got it.
  9. O

    Solved! i tried hard reset on my rca voyager 111 tablet but after the initial logo it goes back to the screen that says voyager 111 a

    pretty much just what I described. Thanks for any help you can provide folks.
  10. M

    Solved! RCA Voyager touch screen issues

    I have an older Voyager tablet that I did a hard reset and now the touchscreen won't recognize my touch It's stuck at the welcome screen.
  11. R

    I have the RCA Voyager 3 Tablet- it doesn't want to save my wallpaper after I change it.

    Help, anyone? Please, thañk you for reading this. I don't know if any one else has this issue, but I'm sure someone can help me.
  12. S

    I just bought rca Voyager 3 tablets from Walmart for Christmas and I can't get past the activation code screen. I went to the

    Rca Voyager 3 stuck on activation code screen
  13. C

    Solved! Rca tablet reset

    I got my son a rca voyager 3 (AE rct6973w43 MD) when I turned it on it said there was a system update so we did the system update now the table is stuck on the installing update system screen I have tried several times to do a factory reset and it will not work it keeps going back to installing...
  14. D

    Solved! My new voyager won’t go past the voyager screen

    My brand new voyager won’t go past the voyager screen
  15. T

    What would cause my speaker on my rca Voyager 3 to go out

    I have only had my tablet for two weeks and my speaker went out
  16. W

    Solved! I am having trouble accessing my notification bar on my Voyager III rca tablet!

    I touched the notification bar down like I usually do but it won't go down! What do I do to fix it?
  17. Q

    Solved! My dad got me a RCA Voyager III tablet while he was out of state when he got home he lost receipt. He paid with his debit card

    Dad got me a RCA Voyager III while out of state from Walmart paid with debit card lost receipt how can i get a copy of receipt or an activation code??
  18. L

    Solved! Voyager 111 RCA tablet

    is there a memo app on the voyager 111 rca tablet?
  19. T

    Solved! I have a lg Voyager and it's been deactivated for ten years and I want to transfer videos and pictures to a new memory card

    I want to transfer videos and pictures to a new memory card from a lg voyager
  20. V

    Solved! My volume stopped this is second tablet that this happened to both voyager

    I have bought both tablets the first one volume stopped after 3 weeks the second stopped after 2 months
  21. S

    to bypass frp on RCA Voyager III TABLET

  22. L

    Solved! Get activation code UPC 062118697343 Disa 1001066696 sn MEHG4Z2387H9

    Need activation code for voyager 3. This is all the numbers with the tablet.
  23. S

    Hacks to bypass activation code for Voyager 3

    Trying to hack or bypass activation screen for Android Voyager 3 tablet
  24. S

    My rca Voyager 7 inch will turn on and show the rca with the dog after its turned on but then the screen is blank nothing will

    The start up screen shows with rca and the dog but screen turns blank after that
  25. K

    Rca 7 inche voyager tablet what sims card and phone company

    Where do I get a sims card for Rca voyager tablet and company
  26. O

    Tablet won't stay on

    My grand daughter rca voyager turns on but it's stuck on the power button and goes off quick
  27. S

    Solved! rca voyager wont go to safe mode stuck on voyager logo screen

  28. W

    I purchased a new RCA ANDROID 7inch Voyager 111 tablet from Walmart and I have been trying to get my tablet to work for a mont

    I have a RCA Voyager tablet and I'm having a propblem with setting it up and it says it need to be update and it won't update anything.
  29. R

    Bypass a reset FTP or FRP

    After hard reset on RCA tablet Voyager 3 tablet ask for previous email and password prior to reset had it written down but now is lost how do I bypass the FTP or FRP?
  30. S

    Having problems connecting my RCA voyager 5.0 version to my ZTE maven 3 7.1. please help

    I just need to know if my RCA voyager tablet can connect to my ZTE maven's hotspot
  31. I

    I keep getting a critical update for my tablet and it says chose yes to accept and start but there is no yes icon

    I get a critical update on my voyager 3 and it says hit “ yes “ to accept and start update but it does not provide an option to accept, what am I missing
  32. N

    I bought voyager from walmart.the disa# on box voice machine says invalid.not from have receipt

    I have a voyager 3 from walmart.I got receipt .when I activated tablet it said not valid disa# or purchased from 10 digit code will let me startup Can someone help answer my problem please.
  33. L

    tablet voyager III

    purchase at moving sale no activation codes turns on no reciept
  34. T

    i have rca voyager 3 tablet it wont let me do anything it is saying "system UI has stopped" need help

    need help with a system UI
  35. N

    Need help please

    I have a rca voyager 3 S/n-M7HD7Z1744H3MD (R) UPC: 0-6211869734-3 DISA# 1001874308 NEED IT ASAP GOT TO DO MY REPORT ON A TABLET IN SCHOOL
  36. N

    RCA Voyager stuck on welcome won't slide to next to set up

    My RCA Voyager won't go past welcome page it won't slide to next to set up Help please I've rest it still no help what next
  37. K

    Ok so my daughters rca voyager keeps going to like a screen saver just saying voyager 3.

    She is very upset and I’ve tried the steps to get to safe mood for some reason it is not working!. She is very upset and also she only had kid games on there and last time she played it . It was fine .
  38. N

    RCA Voyager Tablet Troubleshoot TRYING THIS AGAIN! Lol

    For the first day we had the tablet, it worked perfect. It was a birthday gift bought for a small child but shes supervised when on it and only watched a few YouTube videos before it was put up for the night. We had already downloaded a couple other apps as well so everything worked great on...
  39. P

    My 10 inch RCA Voyager Android Tablet Won't Sinc. How Do I fix This Problem & Sinc My Tablet?

    My RCA Voyager Android Tablet Won't Sinc. How Do I Sinc It?
  40. M

    My RCA Voyager tablet will not delete the first email from the last person who had it

    I have reset a few times it will not delete the old email that is in it
  41. L

    7 voyager 11 is stuck on robot spinning on erasing cant do nothing else

    will not do nay thing else will not charge or bring up no program
  42. J

    Solved! How do I transfer files from Android voyager 10.1 to Micro SD Card ?

    File transfer from internal storage on viking pro 10.1 to micro SD card ?
  43. S

    Rca activation code

    Need activation code for rca Voyager 3..put the disa number in and it’s saying incorrect code and that my device wasn’t purchased through authorized dealer sir some crap I don’t know please help
  44. D

    RCA Voyager RCT6873W42 will not run SiriusXM app

    Brand new out of the box RCA Voyager RCT6873W42 running Android 6.0.1 will not run the SiriusXM app. I immediately get a white window error saying "Unfortunately SiriusXM has stopped". The app wont load at all. After charging the machine to 100% charge I turned it on - activated the wifi and...
  45. W

    Tried Everthing to open my rca voyager 3 tablet

    I have a rca voyager 3 tablet. I tried everthing safe and hard mode set. It says to and my google account I did that.It said to come back in 24 hours to add my google account I did that. Now it said This device was reset and to continue sige in with a google. Account that was previouly synced on...
  46. D

    Rca Voyager stuck on logo

    Tried to hard reset rca Voyager tablet it died during reboot now won't go past the logo screen which has pop up saying computer was restarted unexpectedly must restart to install Windows
  47. P

    rca voyager android smart tablet

    With the charger adapter plugged in can I still work on the laptop without harm being done?
  48. E

    Voyager rca tablet

    Has a pin code is there any way around it
  49. L

    How do I set the sensitivity on my RCA voyager pro?

    How do I set the sensitivity on myRCA voyergar pro tablet
  50. D

    What activation code works for a Voyager 3 tablet

    Does anyone know how to bypass the activation code for a Voyager 3 tablet
  51. R

    I have serious problems with my tablet voyager 7' 16 GB model RCT6873W42

    Good, I have problems with my newly purchased tablet, and the problem is the following, the apps start to give almost all error, I've tried to format it and still giving the same problem, it all started when the app was updated, my question is, Will this solve this? reference image...
  52. J

    Activation code for voyager 3

    Need to know how to get past activation code on voyager 3
  53. F

    Solved! need help with activation code

    i need help with my activation code for rca voyager 3 i got at for my birthday and they didnt get the activation code please help
  54. E

    Words with Voyager 3 stopped working

    Brought RCA Voyager 3 10 Christmas or New Year's it was not working at all couldn't turn it on hardly nothing was going on it was after the 15 days at Walmart and they told me to contact RCA I have been looking for where you return this
  55. P

    how to bypass activation code on a rca voyager 3 tablet

    got a voyager 3 tablet for my birthday but the person that got it for me does not have the receipt she didnt know that she hasd to get code off of the reciept
  56. C

    how can i bypass the activation code for rca tablet

    I got the RCA Voyager 3 tablet as a gift and it requires a activation code but I do not have the receipt, and I tried to call the number and visit the get your code website but it says that it was not purchased at a retailer and will not give me the code. Is there any other way to get the code...
  57. K

    Solved! Has no sound

    My granddaughter’s RCA Voyager sound does not work!!!! Is there a mute button on the tablet somewhere.