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    what do i do my RCA Tablet wont go pass the screen that says Voyager

    What do I do my RCA tablet will not go pass the Voyager screen
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    Rca voyager 3

    My rca voyager 3 tablet want charge or turnon after an hour of purchasing it at walmart. What do i do? I did not pay for warrenty and did not drop it.
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    help activating voyager tablet

    have the disa number went to web sit said was not a recognized dealer i bought it at walmart but not activation code what else can i do
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    only voyager screen

    bought 3 voyager 3 tablets,all have same problem.Turns on and goes to voyager logo screen pease...have tried resetting them,it took a few attempts,but reset and were working until battery died..charged turned back on had to hard reset again..seems if it dies then it requires...
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    How do I get an activation code

    I need an activation code for my EVA Voyager 3. I don't have the receipt. Can u help me?
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    I was given an rca Voyager 111 tablet n I think the kid stole it cuz I need an activation code to get in. Is there any way to

    S/n RNGD5Z2063H3 DISA 1000871486 MODEL RCT6973W43 FCC ID A2HRCT6973W IC 9903ARCT6973W Please help me figure out a code to get into the tablet
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    Solved! Do u reboot the voyager tablet...when I try to reboot it all I get is power off

    No sound need to reboot my tablet
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    My RCA voyager tablet 3 won't charge over %11

    So I plugged my charger in one night and when I went to bed it was at %11. But then when I woke up in the morning it was back down to %5. It's the RCA voyager 3 tablet. The cord is not frayed, or visibly damaged so I suspect that there isn't anything wrong with the cord, but that there's some...
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    Help log in

    RCA voyager 3
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    RCA Voyager III will load app

    I just bought a RCA V III. I can download the app and open it but the app will not connect to the device. Device asks to turn on device and Bluetooth, I have . I unistalled the app and reloaded. Reset the device. What else is there to do?
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    My tablet starts but won't go past the Voyager screen

    My tablet starts but won't go past the Voyager screen
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    How do i get the activation code for this rca voyager 3 i have box and all the numbers for it.

    I have a brand new RCA Voyager 3 i got from someone i have the box w all the numbers and the s/n reg # but i have no activatiotn code. How do i obtain it or where i do get it or who do i get it thru?? Any info will b helpful.
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    on and off

    my rca voyager III was working fine for about four months. then it started turning itself on and off and now the screen has to be turned in many different directions to get the keyboard to work. is there some way to correct this issue?
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    tablet rca voyager3

    Need activation code for rcavoyager tablet3
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    Rca voyager tablet

    My RCA Voyager Android tablet 7 inch model number is RCT6873W42. Wanting to know if this tablet was a piece of crap or if it actually works decently. Also wanted to know what style or what type of tablet from RCA is exactly. And the also the price range when bought brand new. Thank you
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    Rca voyager 3

    1. Is there a recall on the voyager 3 tablets? 2. How do u factory restart when its off? Thanks
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    turn on RCA Voyager lll

    Rca Voyager 111 wont turn on
  18. B

    My voyager 3 tablet wont go to the hom3 screen

    The home screen wont come.up
  19. S

    Camera Doesn't Function

    I'm having camera issues with my RCA Voyager 7. Every time I go into the camera app (or a similar apps such as Snapchat) my tablet stops responding and restarts. It also kinda looks like there's some liquid in the camera...(I'm not sure if that's normal or not)... Does anyone know if there is an...
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    Update RCA Voyager

    Does anyone know how to update a RCA Voyager 7?
  21. K

    Won't start up.

    My tablet will not boot up past the voyager 3 screen. I've tried holding the start and volume buttons and also the reset. Nothing is working.
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    How do I stop the keystroke sound with onscreen keyboard on my rca voyager

    Can't stand the click, click while typing...
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    RCA Voyager Welcome screen won't let me touch screen to go "next"

    This is a fairly new tablet and I already reset it because I forgot password. Now I can't touch the Welcome screen to set it up again. No touching
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    Having an ANDROID Tablet problem

    My Android Voyager Tablet keeps shutting down in the middle of anything I'm doing and it goes back to the word VOYAGER displayed on the screen.
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    My keyboard isn't working on my rca voyager tablet and its in safe mode what do I do?

    My rca voyager tablet turned off then when I turned it back on it is on my PIN screen in safe mode and the keyboard isn't working to type in PIN to get into tablet. I restarted it many times.
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    RCA voyager not charging

    My RCA voyager not charging or turning on,It shows nothing on the screen and I can't go to recovery menu Please help me!!!!!!!!
  27. W

    rebooting a voyager rct6773w22b tablet

    my son tried resetting this via a reset hole on the back . now the screen wont go past it saying voyager | what can i do ?
  28. B

    battery won't charge

    What size SD card will work for a RCA,VOYAGER
  29. M

    I have RCA voyager and I can't get it to take my pin or let me change it. Help!

    I turn it on and try to unlock no result many tries
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    RCA 7" Voyager Tablet 6.0 -- max size SD card? Format problem

    I just received the 2 RCA tablets I purchased: - RCA 7" Voyager (Marshmallow Android 6.0) RCT6873W42, and - RCA 7" Voyager Pro (Marshmallow Android 6.0) RCT6873W42KC On RCAs Help page it says: --...
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    can i charge my rca voyager with my usb charger in my car?

    i will be traveling during the holidays and want to know if i can use a universal usb car charger to keep my tablet charged...i have both just the charging cord or the lighter plug in with usb slot..
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    no sound on tablet

    the sound on my tablet went completely out i have a RCA tablet voyager model RCT6873W42 ive tried everything how do i fix it
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    Rca voyager ll launcher 3 error and wont factory reset .. Any suggestions?

    After reset i reboot and my custom wallpaper is still up . when i put in passcode get many app errors then launcher 3 error and tablet goes to load screen
  34. N

    Get off safe mode in RCA lollipop voyager 7

    Can't get off safe mode
  35. S

    How do I switch off safe mode on my rca voyager tablet

    Tried turning off and restarting but didn't do anything
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    My RCA tablet won't Charge!!!!

    Well I was just using my tablet then it restarted by itself (RCA Voyager) like always it just went on to the RCA screen and kept repeating over and over, so I just let my tablet run out battery. So after I tried to charge it R.I.P my Voyager it stayed on the charging screen without moving it...
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    moving apps to sdcards

    i have a cyclone voyager and i downed a game to internal storage,then i moved it to sdcard, i uninstalled the game from my tablet to free up more space and tried to play the game but it will not let me . i know iam doing somethink wrong but i dont have a glue.can anyone help please.
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    NASA Analyzes Material Beyond Our Solar System

    NASA today revealed fascinating data provided by its Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) spacecraft that adds to information delivered by the Ulysses craft as well as Voyager 1, which after 34 years of travel is about to leave our solar system. NASA Analyzes Material Beyond Our Solar System...
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    Do i need a network adapter with dell studio 15

    Hve just purchased Dell studio 15 and can't connect to BT voyager 2110 - have looked under system devices and there are no wireless adapters listed - I thought this laptop had one built in - do I need to purchase a separate network adapter