I live in malaysia - Help me buy new Smart TV


May 31, 2016
Hi all,

Currently I have a Toshiba 40 inch tv, does the job and sound and image is good but no smart tv capabilities. I watch quite a bit of netflix and I have to cast it from my chrome cast.

Want to buy a Smart TV - Don´t have time to do the research I would normally do as I want to buy it before Thursday, my mum arrives and would like to have the Smart TV setup and ready with Netflix for her!

I went today to a local store and saw 3 models: Could you comment or recommend one of them? The sales person was very pushy with the Panasonic model and he reduced the price by quite a bit....

Panasonic DS500 40 inch

Samsung 40J5200

Samsung 43K5500

These tvs were at an outlet branch of a store....some models are older some are supposed to be up to date models?

Here are 2 that meet my specs from the store:

Is there any other model that you would recommend? Dont have time to research -

Budget is 370-490 USD
TV for average sized living room
Use tv for netflix and streaming - some light watching tv
Currently my Toshiba doesnt need a sound bar - DO NOT want to buy a sound bar as well!

Please, and Thanks! hopefully will buy before thursday!



May 19, 2017
Make sure TV isn't an older model that has been sitting on shelf for a few years. Also you could get a Blu Ray play that has wifi and all the apps available. That would be cheaper than a new TV. I have two Samsung 5700 model ... sorry don't have letters that go with it but this model is a couple years old. I usually watch Youtube videos and a few Amazon. I don't know if you could get these in your country. Good Luck with your search. Quitnow