I Need Help Building A Sick Laptop Cooler!


Jul 10, 2007
okay okay, so basically ive looked around and could NOT find this! i dont know why!!
i want a laptop cooler with SIX 120mm fans running. is that too much to ask?
it seems like it would fit nicely edge to edge on a basic 17" laptop
if you guys know of one, then PLEASE just gimme the model name/link or whatever and im gona grab it!
otherwise, help me build this thing =D

FIRST budget! i already have the 6 fans in mind, the thermaltake A1926 with its mindblowing cfm for its low dba, probably cost me around 60 bux total for the fans. i also want a USB hub on this thing ;) goin all out. i would love if this was USB powered but i have no idea how to do that, let me know! otherwise i guess ill grab a powersupply and go all electrician. for materials, i prefer a wood frame, wanna go light and easy to cut since im no specialist. my budget on those would probably be around 50 bucks. whoever wants in on this project let me know! i am a newb and welcome pretty much any help and suggestions!

Or a sheet of aluminum, which may hold up a bit better. Plus you need to set up a power supply for the fans to run off of, I doubt that you could power 6 fans off of USB power..... :heink:


Dec 15, 2008
laptops don't need extra cooling, if its getting hot its because its over 1 year old and the dust is building so you have to open it and clean it from dust. laptop designers like me design every laptop with a heatsink that can protect it up to 130c where the highest temp for laptops is 104c and normaly they run at 60c

so don't waste your time. unless you just want a cooler to show to your friends