Jun 6, 2014
Unexpectedly, after having my computer checked out for an erroring hard drive, I need a new computer.

-I will be using it mainly for entertainment and photo/video purposes. (Windows Movie Maker and iTunes are the only programs I need. Although I wouldn't mind Office.)
- It has to have a Windows 7 operating system. (Not 8 or 8.1)
- I have a budget of about $700 but I would prefer to not have to spend it all.

Things that are not as important but I would like to have/wouldn't mind having:
- Memory card slot and/or extra USB ports
- Webcam
- DVD Maker
- Occasionally my laptop is used for on a projector, it would be nice to have that capability.

My previous laptop was an HP and I constantly got Blue Screen errors. Otherwise I was happy with my HP. Also, my school provided laptop was a Dell which I also liked. However I don't have a preference for the brand. I also don't have a preferance for the screen size however I'd like it to be portable.

I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to picking out a computer, I've only done it once and that was so stressful. Now I'm on a bit of a time limit. I'd love to be able to talk to some tech guy who help me understand what all the specs mean and pick the right one for me, without trying to sell me something.

If anyone can help or direct me to someone who can help, I'd great appreciate it. Thank you :)

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The reasons I chose it was because it actually HAD a GPU and was not stuck with crappy intel graphics. Also because it was MSI and as we all know, they make top notch stuff and their laptops are no exception