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  1. Q

    When I record voice or when I playback voice from another source, all I get is a faint sound of the recording, very low volume

    I'm trying to add narrative to a project made using Windows Movie Maker. There have been no problems with sound in the project until I try to add my voice recording to any particular frame. When I manage to have the right file type, the only sound I got is very faint, as though the voice is...
  2. K

    Solved! Another search for basic video editing software....

    A while back, I was looking to replace Windows Movie Maker following a Windows reinstallation—I did not realize the software was no longer available for download from Microsoft. A third party seemed to have repackaged Movie Maker, but it required the use of a proprietary downloder, which scared...
  3. U

    Guidance on video editing software and burning to a DVD or Blu-ray disc (preferably)

    Hello- I have a bunch of mp4 videos from cellphones, converted Sony HandyCam video files, etc., that I want to want to make into organized home videos. The last time I did this many years ago, I had Windows Movie Maker and it allowed me to burn to disc. Now Windows Movie Maker is gone and...
  4. Kkody2

    What editing software should I use?

    I've been getting into making youtube videos lately. I am getting sick of using Windows Movie Maker and I want a good editing software. I enjoy editing so I want to get a really good one (without spending too much money) The one I was looking at was...
  5. C

    can I convert wmv file to a standerd cd file

    going from windows movie maker to stander audio cd what is the best option,
  6. Dustin97

    Best cheap alternative to Sony Vegas Pro?

    I am getting into uploading videos on Youtube and need an upgrade from Windows Movie Maker. I am currently using a free trial of Vegas Pro, and I really like it but the price is ridiculous for my budget. I'm looking for a good alternative for preferable around the $50 range but the max I will go...
  7. Dustin97

    Good cheap video editing software?

    I would really like an upgrade from windows movie maker but don't to the pay the outrageous price of the really good ones. Any recommendations for some good ones under $50?
  8. M

    Best way to copy MP4 to DVD

    Hi all. Newbie to the site ! I want to copy some of our holiday footage to dvd, preferably including a nice Menu when it starts . The files are currently in mp4 format , and look great on my pc. But when I have tried copying them to DVD , the quality drops . I have tried Windows Movie Maker...
  9. M

    I got a problem i tried to install a adobe photoshop/adobe premier/adobe after effects/VegasPro13/Windows Movie maker.

    Hello there I got a problem here, so i tried to install a adobe photoshop/adobe premier/adobe after effects/VegasPro13/Windows Movie maker. And i always get an error the error is always about samething and it's "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable" and the weird part is i done install and...
  10. T

    Im looking for a safe free video converter. I want to convert my windows movie maker to MP4 so i can upload it to youtubeAls

    Safe free Video converter wanted
  11. C

    Can I lay down audio in Windows Movie Maker first and then add video?

    For videos whose primary content is audio, it is much easier to lay down the audio first, and then select video files to match, rather then setting down tentative video and then having to match audio to that. Is there any way to do this in Windows Movie Maker? If not, can anyone recommend some...
  12. T

    Why is vegas pro 13.0 taking longer to render compared to windows movie maker?

    On windows movie maker it takes about 30 minutes to upload a 10 minute 1080 60fps video on minecraft..However it takes two hours to render the same 10 minute video on vegas pro? Also I notice that vegas pro's quality is alot better than windows movie maker...(less blotchyness) Does that mean...
  13. I

    which option is the best one in windows movie maker 2.6 to render my movie?

    I had to find out which option is the best in windows movie maker 2.6 when I was rendering my movie. I chose the option which was recommended rather than picking the HD option because I felt that it would take up too much space. Is that true? What are the drawbacks of picking the HD option and...
  14. T

    Movie Maker Audio Problem!

    Hi! I imported a video from my Ipod, into Windows Movie Maker, and when I played it, the was no audio! It shows the waveforms but there is no sound! Thanks!
  15. U

    Advice needed for recording guitar lessons.

    Hi I was looking for some general advice which may include purchase of a webcam. A friend of mine is a guitar teacher and has been sending me lessons to practice, and I've been keeping a video diary to allow him to review my progress, I found using an old webcam and windows movie maker to have...
  16. W

    Seeking laptop suggestions

    Hello, This is only like my third or fourth post, so I am fairly new to TH. My friend thinks he needs an ASUS laptop that sports GTX 980, a 4k display, 24GB of RAM, an Intel i7 CPU for playing tanki online(think frogger 2 graphics) and supposedly Adobe after effects, but probably will use...
  17. J

    Looking for a good video editing software that maintains video quality

    Im looking for a good video editor that can preserve the video format. I use windows movie maker and it always converts my videos to MP4 format which reduces the quality. I deal with mainly .mpg videos. What good video editor can preserve such format? I mainly need to just trim and add videos...
  18. J

    Movie maker reduces video quality

    I have videos that are in .mpg format and when I watch them on my phone it is clear HD. After I edit them in Windows Movie Maker and export them, though not very obvious, you can kinda see that the video quality isnt as good. I save them as the android 720p MPEG-4/H.264 format. Am I doing it...
  19. anxiousinfusion

    Windows Movie Maker 2.6 help

    I have an old project I started almost a decade ago that I just now decided to finish up. It is *.MSWMM so I'm forced to use Windows Movie Maker 2.6 or use XP's 2.1 in a virtual environment. All of the project's video files are *.WMV. My questions are: 1. How can I render this project as...
  20. S

    Handbrake compresses the video, but it won't load to youtube

    Hello! :D I hope this is the right forum for the question. Thank you for clicking on my thread. I'll try making it short. I recorded a video with my camera, it was a canon IXUS. I was happy- except the file size was over one GB for the 13 minute clip. After adding some picture in picture...
  21. B

    Windows movie maker. Audio, but no video on storyboard

    Yes I am new to making movies with Windows Movie maker or any other movie maker software.. Ok my AVI videos play fine in all my media players, windows media and VLC. Also play fine in the Windows movie player collection board, but as soon as I move clips down to my storyboard, I get audio but no...
  22. K

    Windows Movie Maker does not detect all sound properly?

    So, recently, I've been recording using Dxtory, with the Lagarith Lossless Codec, as it enables me to record both sound in game and mic audio. So I recorded a playthrough of a game and it plays fine in Media Player, but when I moved it to Movie Maker, Only my voice was the same volume, and my...
  23. A

    Video editing software for easy and precise spliting and joining

    What i need is a software that offers exactly the same funcionality as Windows Movie Maker trim tool but it should actually work. What i want to do is to take some video, cut small pieces from it and make new video from them. The cutting tool should be very precise (about 0.01 s, i know that...
  24. G

    Native MP4 file bitrates being REDUCED by Movie Maker even when saved as MP4!

    Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of a dilemma here. I thought MP4 was a huge upgrade, especially as a YouTube Gamer who cares about making quality content, but something started to happen. I noticed a significant drop in quality with my videos lately! I'm seriously upset here, and I need answers...
  25. K

    AVI Problems with Premiere Elements 10

    Today, I sat down with Fraps and tried to record gameplay. When I was done recording, I compressed the video file with VirtualDub using the XVid Codec. This is when the problem starts. When I open up Premiere Elements 10 and try to import the file it won't work. The error is: "This type of...
  26. D

    What recording software to use?

    I am looking for a free and easy to use, licence free, recoding software at 720p. That I can then easily edit in windows movie maker and then upload to youtube. I want to record gameplay across many genres indie-AAA and not have significant fps drops. Are there any software that can do this for...
  27. H

    Videos super slow when put into editing software

    When I put my video into any editing software (Virtualdub, movavi, Windows movie maker) It is slowed down to and extreme amount maybe not even a frame per second. The audio is okay in Movavi it plays along all fine but it is very choppy just like the video in virtualdub. The videos are...
  28. B

    I need help choosing a new laptop?

    Hello, Unexpectedly, after having my computer checked out for an erroring hard drive, I need a new computer. -I will be using it mainly for entertainment and photo/video purposes. (Windows Movie Maker and iTunes are the only programs I need. Although I wouldn't mind Office.) - It has to have...
  29. T

    help with movie maker issue

    I recently recorded gameplay using Dxtory, and after I was finished, I rewatched it and it came out fine. I then spent a half hour putting it in windows movie maker, and after it was done compressing, I went to replay it again before uploading it. Unfortunately when I went to rewatch it the...
  30. M

    how to convert vob files to avi for free

    I want to convert my dvds to avi files so that I can edit them in windows movie maker. The videos in the dvd are vob format. How can I do it? Any help? thanks!
  31. M

    Audio Won't Work In Movie Maker

    When i record something using Dxtroy, and play the recorded file, the audio is fine. When i try to open it in Windows Movie Maker, the audio does not work. How can i fix this?
  32. M

    Windows Movie Maker vs lagarith codec

    I'm recording a vid with lagarith, but when I go to work on in in either Windows Movie Maker or avidemux, neither software sees the file properly. With avidemux it's just green screen while with WMM I get colourful vertical lines across the video. funny thing is that when I restart the vid in...
  33. P

    $700 Laptop Required in Toronto

    Hi there, I am looking to buy my wife a laptop. She doesn't require it for gaming but does need a cd/dvd drive. She will use it for normal everyday use, watching films on laptop and on tv through HDMI and making the odd short film on windows movie maker. Screen size would preferably be 15"...
  34. bahamut2583

    Low quality on windows movie maker

    I have been editing and recording gameplays for some time but im still not satisfied with my the quality of my videos after editing with windows movie maker.I original video format folder are always avi files and the quality is good,since windows movie maker does not support avi files(for me),I...
  35. noobuilder1

    video editing software

    I have 3 computers running vista.... (pause for laughter)..... ok my question now I liked Windows movie maker, well knew how to use it at least, now its no longer supported my Microsoft. And of course my main computer for video editing has issues with wmm and I cant fix it so meh.... I down...
  36. F

    Combine multiple mp3s to form one larger audio file.

    Forgive me I've gotten roughly 2 hours sleep in the last 48 to 55 hours and my brain may not be functioning at maximum capacity. I've been hopelessly dependent on Windows Movie Maker and Windows XP for the last 5 or so years for compiling my projects. I have multiple mp3s which I often need to...
  37. N

    All video Editing software crash's - Codec issue

    Hey guys OS: Windows 7 lately ive tried multiple video editor's in an attempt to change a video around. and ive tried videopad, Windows movie maker 6.0 , and live movie maker 2012 And no matter what program i use, it crashs when trying to load the video, which original format was flv, but i...
  38. J

    MSI GX60 Built-in Webcam not Detected, no drivers available!

    My new MSI GX60 is supposed to have a 720p webcam built in, but Skype, Windows Movie Maker and Cyberlink Youcam 5 all say there is no webcam. I am really bummed out that the webcam isn't detected, I tried installing windows 7 too and seeing if it would work there, but no luck. Please help! The...
  39. Despot96

    Help with Windows Movie Maker

    I have Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7 and i need to make HD videos for youtube. I recorded with FRAPS for like 15 minutes and i got 7 files. So i converted all of them with Veedub and videos look decent. But how can i combine all those 7 files to create one file so i can put on youtube. And...
  40. J

    Windows movie maker problems playing movie

    Hello, The transition from one particular video clip to the next sometimes freezes. The length of the freeze depends on how much of the video has been played. The freeze gets longer the more video has been played and it occurs near the end of a 100 minute video. When I play it from the beinning...
  41. L

    Video editing software

    Hi guys, I need some help. I recorded a video of myself and now i want to edit it using my laptop. Can you please tell me a software that will allow me to do things like: inserting arrows at people and things, picking the parts of the song i want in the background, inserting smileys and...
  42. zephead

    Fraps Upload to Youtube Help

    Let me begin by saying I'm a total noob when it comes to converting and editing video. I started recording some gameplay 1 month ago with Fraps. From there I've been using Windows Movie Maker to stitch it all together, add audio, subtitles, edit clips etc... My problem comes when I upload it...
  43. W

    Wmp not playing sony handicam file

    Hello, WMPlayer plays files from hard disc (got from sony handycam) but there is no sound. its the same in windows live movie maker. windows movie maker 2.6 doesnot even play it. being a layman , i have no idea why its so! VLC media plays fluently. But need to use the winows media player AND...
  44. T

    Video editing!

    Hey guys, im new to video editing, as i have never done it before except a little crappy thing on windows movie maker. I was wondering if there is any helpful informative videos on how to video edit etc, like i said im new and would really like to get into it, being able to video edit my videos...
  45. B

    Windows movie maker question

    ok im trying to combine 2 fraps videos in move maker heres what i did i put the first one in and then clicked add additional videos and put the 2nd one in then saved it and i had my one long video the problem is where the first one ends and the 2nd one begins there's this half a second little...
  46. R

    Best sub $200 video editing software for multiple pov streams?

    Hello, I recently went from 1 to 3 GoPro HD cameras that I'm using to capture and publish sailboat races with. With one camera, Windows Movie Maker worked. Now that I have 3 different pov to work with, I need a better product to edit the video with. Here is some of the video we are playing...
  47. G

    Untitled windows movie maker com

    Hello, hi
  48. G

    Sony DVD Camcorder Converter

    What is the best program to convert files from Sony DVD Camcorder to be able to edit them in Windows Movie Maker?
  49. S

    Video Editing Software Suggestions?

    I'm working with some video that I've recorded via widescreen webcam. I'd like to be able to edit it, cut and crop, add titles/captions/credits/effects, and change the output resolution to specific sizes (for example 640x400, NOT 640x480). I've tried a number of free applications such as...
  50. D

    Open source video editting

    Dear All, Have been asked by a user at work if they can mask the name of a ship they have in a video so they can use it as an example in their presentation (while preserving the names of the parties involved etc). Am not really in to video editting at all bar some simple Windows Movie Maker...
  51. sabot00

    Free Movie Maker?

    Any1 know of a good free movie maker? I used windows movie maker a lot but the interface is slow & it publishes RLY slow. There is also not enough options.
  52. S

    Cant burn to disc with movie maker

    I am unable to burn a movie i created using windows movie maker on windows XP, I have used pictures, transitions and audio, and when i click on 'Save Movie File' it begins doing the process and then i get a message saying about source files etc. I have been able to burn these to disc in the...
  53. A

    Windows Movie Maker

    I have DOSBox 0.70 and the ZMBV codec installed. I recorded a movie of a DOS game, and so I edited this video into Windows Movie Maker. But now I face a problem when I merge these files. Everytime I try to save it, the application states "[Infinite] Minutes Remaining" even when all of the .avi...
  54. D

    Collections lost in Windows Movie Maker

    Thanks for having me! I lost all my hard earned clips in my collections from Windows Movie Maker after at least a hundred hours of edeting, twice, and was told that it could be from having performed a "System Restore". Can anyone help suggest a way to avoid this from happening in the future...
  55. 1

    Please Help, Windows Movie Maker Collections are Gone

    I had been working on a movie, and i had four collections full of clips from my camera that were all divided and named accordingly. Today, when i opened my windows movie maker, all these collections were gone and i seem to have lost all records of there being any collections. My movie file is...
  56. G

    Weird boxes on screen after using Windows Movie Maker to e..

    Archived from groups:, (More info?) wmv files that I make with Windows Movie Maker have a small 3x3 grid of white boxes in the upper right corner of the screen. This phenomena only happens under very specific conditions. It happens when I: 1) Download a...
  57. G


    Ok I really have a problem. I created a video through Windows Movie Maker and when I save the movie. It saves as some format no one has heard of. Does anyone recomend using a different editor that i can download and then I wish to save it on as a VCD and what are the requirments to making one...