Handbrake compresses the video, but it won't load to youtube


Nov 22, 2014
Hello! :D

I hope this is the right forum for the question.

Thank you for clicking on my thread.

I'll try making it short.

I recorded a video with my camera, it was a canon IXUS. I was happy- except the file size was over one GB for the 13 minute clip.

After adding some picture in picture with VSDC player, and compressing it with handbreak, new file size 450mbs...

except it would not upload to youtube. Youtube stucks at uploading (94%).

I tried uploading the uncompressed video (Minus the handbrake step) and it works OK.

Changes made were: I used 4 reference frames, changed sound quality to 128 bitrate, clicked web optimized, all else was default.

Any ideas why the compressed video does not load? Network glitch or could it be the HB?

Thank you! :D