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    Solved! How can I increase the image file size (Resolution) on my iPhone X ?

    My friend has a Samsung Note 8. To increase his quality of image he open the Camera, opens settings, then chooses "Picture size". There he simply chooses the largest (up to 12MP) and even the selfie camera has an (8MP) size. Why is the iPhone so complicated for this same simple procedure ?
  2. S

    Solved! WoeUSB Error Code 256- Attempting to create Windows 10 bootable ISO

    Installation failed! Exit code: 256 Log: WoeUSB v@@WOEUSB_VERSION@@ ============================== Mounting source filesystem... Error: File "/media/woeusb_source_1543574182_9100/sources/install.wim" in source image has exceed the FAT32 Filesystem 4GiB Single File Size Limitation and cannot be...
  3. T

    free software to shrink .avi file size?

    Hi. I have various .avi files that are, basically 500mb file for every 5 minutes. I need to get this down to a smaller size, without losing video quality. I have tried AVS video converter but when I convert to a mp4 (which should be smaller from what I know) I tried keeping the same aspect ratio...
  4. E

    After effects file size way too high !

    So recently i wanted to do some editing to a video i recorded with nvidia shadowplay or wahtever it's called now and even though i never worked in after effects before it came out pretty good but since it is only about 40s long when i rendered it i didn't expect it would be 20GB So why could...
  5. S

    Digital video camera with smallest file size

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a digital camcorder to record training sessions at work. Each hour long session has to be archived on a laptop and kept for 3 years. Because of this I need something that will record in 720p minimum but the default file format is small. Maybe mp4? Is that the...
  6. a cooperator

    Media Players couldn't play a .MKV file

    Hi Everyone! I have downloaded a .MKV file from internet, and it has file size of 35.7 MB. When I had tried opening it with some of Media Players, such as Movie and TV, this error "Cannot play because the items's file format isn't supported" was shown. Windows Media Player, this error "Windows...
  7. A

    File size doesnt change when i convert image from 8 bit to 16 bit or vice versa in photoshop am i doing something wrong? Edit

    In photoshop i opened a 94KB jpeg image and went to image>mode and made sure the RGB colour and 8 bit/channel option is set. I then exported and saved it as a PNG file and the file size is 335kb. Now i opened the original 94KB jpeg image again and went to image>mode and made sure its RGB...
  8. OhioLeda

    Stuck on a Stupid Problem LOL

    Using Firefox... All of the sudden every time I load youtube it goes to the larger video mode when it use to load as the smaller video window. I've cleared cache / all browser settings but passwords with CCleaner and STILL, every time I load a youtube video I get the larger screen. I've poked...
  9. D

    App for Compressing File Size?

    I have a 16gb file that I need to share with a different computer. My USB can't handle more than 4gb at once while transfering files from my laptop to my usb. My USB has room for the file and isn't corrupt. Is there any way I can lower the size of the file without hurting it? Its a bin file.
  10. B

    Question Re: Windows 10 Cumulative Updates

    How big in file size usually are these updates?
  11. M

    Regular Sony Vegas 1080p 60fps file size?

    For anyone with alot of experience with Sony Vegas pro, after you render a video, specifically in 1080p 60fps, how big should a 8 minute video be? Mine are about 1.1 Gb for a 8 minute video. Is that bigger than normal and should change my render settings or is that normal? Thanks.
  12. D

    I have tried to download an app, it stopped near the end because it says "Insufficient space", it used up the space.

    I have tried to download an app that has a large file size, and near the end of installing it said "Insufficient space". I checked how much space i got left, and it went down by almost the file size, i looked around in the settings and i can not find it anywhere. I also made space and tried to...
  13. S

    Handbrake compresses the video, but it won't load to youtube

    Hello! :D I hope this is the right forum for the question. Thank you for clicking on my thread. I'll try making it short. I recorded a video with my camera, it was a canon IXUS. I was happy- except the file size was over one GB for the 13 minute clip. After adding some picture in picture...
  14. B

    What is the best codec for dxtory "READ DESCRIPTION "

    I need to know what the best codec someone would recommend for my terms i have just attempted the Motion JPEG codec and the file size is great but image quality appears so be very bad. What is the best codec for dxtory that has a good balance with performance ( i have a gtx 760 GPU and a i7...
  15. R

    SD Card File System

    I have an unrooted Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 Tablet and 32 GB SD Card with fat32 file system which has 4 GB file size limit but I want more to download big torrents and store movies. I know NTFS is good but without root it will not work. so I thought of exfat and I heard of it supporting big...
  16. DarkDubzs

    What is a small file size recording alternative to fraps?

    I use fraps to record gameplay, but the preconverted file sizes are too big for extended recording as a few minutes is a few gigs. What is a good, free alternative to Fraps that records gameplay and records smaller file sizes, all with good quality. Any feedback or help is greatly appreciated
  17. G

    Video File Size Limit?

    I just purchased a wireless camcorder - HP T450. It came with WiVideo software which has been installed on my Win7, Vista and XP computers. When I attempt to record live video to my PC - any PC - it stops recording at 100MB. If I record to a SDcard within the camera I am able to record up to...
  18. 1

    Interlaced vs Progressive video file size?

    I was just wondering if there is any size difference between interlaced and progressive video.
  19. ricno

    Tool to bulk resize many pictures?

    I have several hundreds of pictures that I need to resize in file size. Do you know of any free tool that allow me to that in bulk and not have to open each one to modify its size? (It could also mean to bulk modify the picture width and height as it would accomplish my goal I think.) I use...
  20. anamaniac

    Removed album art, file size the same?

    So, I have a FLAC collection of over 1000. Since my music player (Cowon S9) is 'only' 32GB, I decided to remove all the album art with Media Monkey so I could store a couple more albums (I added all the album art manually with high quality pics, adding a noticeable amount to file size). After I...
  21. T

    File size on disk

    I am creating a word doc with a total of 0.97MB, to which I add a number of jpg images that total 3.78MB. I expected the combined doc to be 0.97+3.78 = 4.75MB. I saved the combined words and pictures as one word doc. The total space on disk is 29.6MB...! How can I reduce the size so I can sen...

    Registry Editor for Windows Mobile 6.0

    I just bought a BlackJack II with Windows Mobile 6.0 on it. I want to increase the file size limit (currently 300kb) for ringtones on it. I have read a little about it and I need a registry editor. I was wondering if there was a registry editor for Windows Mobile 6.0 that i could install...
  23. G

    2 Gb max file size...grrrr!

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Using Wavelab5/WindowsXP Pro/Echo Indigo pcm card into my laptop at 24/96 > direct into 120 Gig external HD last Saturday...all was fine for the first 1hour and 3 mins of a single 90 minute work (no movement breaks or interval to rename/renumber...
  24. B

    F-Secure FileCrypto

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I'm using F-Secure FileCrypto which works fine. However if I remove all files from its secure folder xxxx.fsc, it still has a file size of over 9MB. Anyone any ideas why this is so large? Beemer
  25. A

    mp3 question

    how exacly does variable bitrate work? and in overall what will yield better quality (considering file size though keepin the sound cd quality)variable or constant bitrate?