I review PCs for a living and this $300 laptop does more than an iPad for less

Dec 25, 2023
Dude. This is literally such a trash article and you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

Of course this laptop is faster and can do more than a ipad...they are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PRODUCTS USUNG ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CHIPSETS! DUH!

iPad use a SoC architecture which is smaller by design (to accommodate being placed in small spaces like phones and iPad.

They simply cannot provide the power needed to utilize things like normal desktop cpus and gpus.

Laptops can provide the power needed.

Even if you have a phone that is "8 cores" it's not even close to the same performance level as a true 8 core cpu. Especially a 8 core cpu that handles multithreading.

Maybe write articles about something you actually know literally anything about. Because it's clear you know nothing about tech.

Or you are trying to con people.