I right clicked n the video of the late Show, but there was no "Settings" and no "hardware Acceleration"!

Robert Del Rosso

Apr 15, 2014
"Describe my thread"? What's that? I just said there are no "settings" or Hardware Acceleration". I usually stop "Video Freezing" by deleting all the Cookies, Passwords, Add-On Data, etc. from Control Panel (Home Page) and then in the Google Chrome Menu under advanced Settings.

In Google Chrome it just said "1,093 items", when I had just deleted those items 2 days ago!

But I delete cookies, etc. about every two days and it's getting tedious!
Start at the beginning, first, why are you looking for options for the video? Need system specs and your internet connection speed and exactly what happens and when. Did you try different web browsers? Having to clean out your temporary internet files all the time is a sign of a bad Windows setup, too slow of a system or virus or spyware running in the background.