I think my Laptop is underperforming


Jan 27, 2015
So I've had my laptop for around 2/3 years now so it's getting pretty old, not sure on the brand I think it's a custom one from cyberpowerpc.com. I've been noticing issues since I've started playing games again, I get an extremely low frame rate, over time whilst I'm in game the performance gets progressively worse. The games I'm playing aren't the newest games and I'm not running them on high settings in fact I'm running them all on low settings (although I have to stick to the 1920x1080 resolution). Here's what I'm running;

GeForce GT 650M
i7-3610QM @ 2.30GHz
8GB (I think Corsair 1333MHz?)
128GB OCZ SSD + 500GB Data

I did format the PC recently too and I installed all of the drivers that I could find. I have noticed one issue though, my temperatures are running at around 95c in game, that's for my CPU even with my fans roaring. My GPU runs at near enough the same temperature at 74-84c (note: all temps are in celsius). My temperatures are pretty bad I think but would it cause me to run stuff at a much lower framerate? Would could I do to alleviate the issue, would a laptop heat pad be enough?

I think that's everything, I greatly appreciate any help!


Sep 18, 2013
A laptop "heat pad" will not be enough.
You need to open up your laptop and give it a good cleaning. Maybe even change the paste on the CPU/GPU.

I did this for a few friends recently, and probably your fan has a thick layer of gunk on it, which renders it useless, even if it`s running at full speed.

Once you properly clean up your laptop`s insides, you can also use a laptop cooling pad, but only if you have the vents on the bottom of the laptop set as intakes (and exhaust on the sides). If the exhaust is on the bottom, the cooling pad will be mostly useless.


May 23, 2014
with time a laptop performance always goes down, may be the heat issues or dust inside.

I would recommend you to open the laptop and clean it inside or give for a service.


Jan 27, 2015
I did try cleaning the fans out a few months back but only briefly so I'll do that again and the thermal paste, I hadn't thought of that so I'll reapply some of that too. Cheers guys.
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