I want a simple transparent backup utility


Feb 22, 2011
Until now my backup method consisted to manually copying files to 5-1/4 floppy disk, 3-1/2 floppy, zip drive CD, DVD and now BD-R. This technique has it's limitations. A few years back Egghead Software was offering some backup program for $10 with an upgrade to Windows 3.1. This seemed like a good deal, but a couple of years later when I tried to recover the backup I found in was in some proprietary compressed format and I couldn't remember where I put the backup program or even what it was.

Fast forward 19 years. I bought a 2nd 1 TB hd and dock for use in backing up my new computer then made a backup of my data files using Acronis True Image 2009. Acronis failed however to backup videos and photos. I was told I had to use Acronis 2011 for Windows 7. I uninstalled Acronis 2009 (afterwhich the backup it made was unreadable). I then installed a trial version of Acronis 2011 and attempted a backup which failed. A couple of minutes later that 2nd hd, my g: drive disappeared from Explorer. In it's place was "f:" with a capacity of only 100 MB. The rest of that disk is "Unallocated". Acronis tells me the data on that disk is gone.

Enough of this. Here's what I want, a backup program that simply copies the specified files (documents, photos, videos, Outlook.pst, Archive.pst, Favorites, etc.) to the specified, location uncompressed in their native Windows format. Subsequent backups replace any backed up files that have changed. Icing on the cake would be the ability to save several revision levels to the backed up files. Am I asking too much, or is there a program out there that will do this? I don't want a backup program that produces backups that are dependent on that program for recovery.