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  1. Flashthepyro

    Toshiba Tecra 730CDT BIOS damaged.... help?

    Hey all, So i got this old laptop, a Toshiba Tecra 730CDT, Pentium MMX, windows 95, all that good stuff. i bought the thing in a thrift shop, with some stuff like a external floppy reader en mouse ect included. got a universal laptop adapter recently that supported it. but once i power it on i...
  2. K

    Can I use Dosbox to get files off old floppies?

    For a couple of weeks, I've been trying to get some files off old floppy diskettes. I bought a USB floppy drive that seems to work fine, but there is a problem. These 3 1/2" floppies were last written by Windows 95 or 98. They are all missing the media descriptor byte in the BIOS parameter...
  3. M

    my PowerBook 5300cs won't boot off floppy disk (Reposted, it said it had an error!)

    I have a PowerBook 5300cs (don't care it's recalled) It works just fine until I want to boot off a floppy disk. Whenever I put in a floppy disk (Any) it just spits it out with automatic ejection right after it shows a blinking floppy disk image (working, no X), and then boots into the hard...
  4. M

    My USB floppy drive emulator in Korg PA-50 (music keyboard) does not recognize the USB stick. What should I do?

    In need of help regarding Korg keyboard
  5. S

    toshiba 445 cdx does no see external floppt

    running win 2k laptop does not recognize floppy n bios set to boot floppy cd then hd. it wont boot from cd but sees it once booted
  6. A

    Writing a floppy image into a USB flash drive

    Ok, this is my case: I have the three install disks for MS-DOS 5.0 and I need to install it on a netbook, problem is the netbook only have USB ports so I can only install MS-DOS from USB. Before you suggest it, NO, I can't use an external USB floppy drive, I have to write the floppy image...
  7. G

    I have a laptop with no CD-ROM and no floppy. Hard disk crashed and I need to load operating system. Any idea how i can do it?

    Old Compaq, no CD or floppy. Need to install OS, but have no idea how to get it onto the machine. Please give me any ideas that you might have....Thanks so much.
  8. A

    MS-DOS 6.22 not "seeing" CD-ROM

    I have Compaq Presario 5220 with Win 98 installed. i made a clean install with DOS 6.22 original Diskette's. I then installed Windows 3.1 with no problem. Now i am trying to install Win 95. i have the 95 upgrade CD but 3.1 will not "see" the CD-ROM drive to install. I do not have enough Floppy...
  9. M

    Cambridge Soundwork 4.1 pc system - rear speakers mute

    I can't use the rear speakers in a Cambridge soundworks fourpoint pc system ( http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/P/B00000JDH5.01._SS500_SCLZZZZZZZ_V1056649218_.gif ) I mean, the front speakers work, the subwoofer works too, but the rear speakers don't work. I tried to invert the speakers...
  10. D

    [Solved] Will formatting a disk erase it

    I just bought a USB Floppy Disk drive. I put the disk in and now it is telling me that I need to formatt the disk. Will this erase all that is on the disk? Thanks Dawn
  11. R

    Reformating neo acer laptop

    how, where and what to press to see the boot menu options... to choose from hard drive floppy or dvdrom Thanks is a great help
  12. T

    Rest laptop

    Hello, I. Need to. Rest my acer aspire one and I don't have a floppy disk or a usb flash drive. How can I rest. It
  13. T

    Where can buy this laptop?

    Where can buy this laptop? First Laptop weighs 24 pounds The (integrated foreign reports on the 15th) the world's first mobile computer (Laptop), launched in 1981, the market only for word processing purposes, slightly larger than the briefcase, there are 24 pounds, weighing scary. Osborne1 is...
  14. R

    How install Windows xp? (No floppy, no CD-ROM, no, USB boot..)

    Hi! I would like install Windows Xp. I buy a Compaq Armanda M300 Laptop. I cannot boot floppy, CD-ROM because not included. And I cannot boot USB by BIOS, I haven't got dock.... But I have external tool, I can use hdd external hard disk on desktop. How can I install Windows Xp for laptop? I...
  15. r1play


    Hi! I have a big problem with my M15X :pfff: It's starts smoothly, run through BIOS and stops with black screen and UNREGISTERED EXCEPTION HANDLER information I can not boot from any device [checked cd, usb key, hd, even floppy drive lol] (BIOS seeing HD and DVD drive, in boot menu [f12] I...
  16. G

    Bypassing windows 7 password toshiba

    have toshiba laptop. have not used in 2 yrs. put password on it, can't remember password. try to reset it says need usb or flash drive or floppy disc to reset....how can i do it without floppy disc or flashdrive
  17. E

    Reset password disk

    i have just brought a new msi all in one and i set it up and used it for one day then it wouldnt let me use my password it was saying "this feature requires removable media, such as a floppy disk or USB flash drive. please insert a floppy disk or connect a USB flash drive, and then try again"...
  18. G

    Extracting files from a folder

    Hello, can anyone help? I have a file which I wish to run on my computer but unfortunately it wants me to run this from floppy disk only. Problem is I do not have a floppy disk drive. I've been told to extract it to a file and then run setup.exe from there. How do I do this?
  19. S

    Virus removal compaq presario 1245 floppy drive

    Hello, I have an old compaq presario 1245 that I still compose on because it has software that I like and is unavailable for my newer computer. It is too slow for internet access so I use my newer computer for that. By use of a floppy to move data, I recently seem to have infected the old...
  20. M

    I want a simple transparent backup utility

    Until now my backup method consisted to manually copying files to 5-1/4 floppy disk, 3-1/2 floppy, zip drive CD, DVD and now BD-R. This technique has it's limitations. A few years back Egghead Software was offering some backup program for $10 with an upgrade to Windows 3.1. This seemed like...
  21. mother242

    NSSI (Navrátil Software System Information) Problem

    i just downloaded Navrátil Software System Information from this website http://navsoft.cz/ it claims that it can be used in dos. how do i do this? i have copied the exe on to a floppy disk and when i selected the fdd in the boot menu it says that it isnt a bootable disk. so how do i use NSSI...
  22. N

    How to get bios to recognise usb floppy

    Hello, I need to flash the bios on my laptop, which has become corrupted. I am advised that it will only flash from a usb FLOPPY. How do I get my laptop to recognise the drive? The laptop is an ACER Aspire 5520.
  23. K

    Sony mavica fd71

    Hello, have purchased one of these for my 8 yr old as a starter. seems t be working quite well but cant seem to get photos off floppy and on to computer. any ideas.
  24. exfileme

    This 3.5'' Floppy Is Really a USB Flash Drive

    One modder transformed two 3.5-inch floppies into a USB drive. This 3.5'' Floppy Is Really a USB Flash Drive : Read more
  25. K

    Roland mv30

    I have been using an MV30 for about 20 years. This is to augment a semi-pro trio playing in a club. I have acquired another 2 second hand units but now have only one left working. no2. requires a floppy drive and no.3 has a blank screen and no floppy drive. I fear that the one working unit might...
  26. I

    Dell inspiron 8000 battery only works in #1

    Hello, I just purchased a used Dell Inspiron 8000. It came with a floppy drive in the #1 media bay and the battery in the #2 media bay. It works well on AC power but it shuts off as soon as I unplug the AC adapter from the laptop even though the battery meter shows 37%. I pulled the floppy drive...
  27. exfileme

    Artist Uses Floppy Disks to Create Paintings

    One man's trash is another man's treasure. So they say. Artist Uses Floppy Disks to Create Paintings : Read more
  28. G

    How to install xp next to vista without cd or floppy drive on sata

    Hi all, I tried to install Windows XP on my Vaio P with Vista preinstalled. I need a dual–boot system Vista XP. Since the Vaio P has neither CD nor floppy drive, I used Nlite to integrate SATA drivers into XP package. However, it is all the same, looks like windows installation just ignores the...
  29. B

    Solved! Screen is floppy on dell inspiron e1505

    I got my dell e1505 just over 3 years ago, and it works great. the only problem is that the screen has gotten all floppy. if i move it, it's like loose or something and wehen i let go it falls back to what it just was. if i move it further, then it will catch on and start moving whatever is...
  30. masop

    Custom Boot CD - Unable To Make Bootable

    Good afternoon. I've been trying to create a custom bootable cd-rom for months with no luck at all. The process is as antiquated as it has always been, requiring floppy disks and images, etc. I've tried several apps, nero, roxio, deep burner, winimage, etc. I've tried using floppy disk images...
  31. A

    Laptop BIOS won't install

    I've got a dell 4150 laptop. It does not have a 3 1/2 floppy drive. There is a 'M1004' error that pops up when it's trying to boot. Dell has a fix for this but it needs to be installed via a 3 1/2 floppy. So I went to the store and bought a USB floppy drive, installed the drivers, made the...
  32. R

    need dos on laptop, but have no floppy

    hi, i have a compaq presario m2000 with a cd drive, but no floppy. i assume i can't load dos 6.22 on it without a floppy. or is there a way to do it from cd? i also assume that a usb floppy won't work because dos won't have the usb drivers. so can anyone help me? begging................
  33. Kayden

    Floppy Copying software

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some software that would allow me to make an image of a floppy disk and then copy it to several other floppy drives simultaneously.
  34. S

    Gateway Solo 2000 CD-rom drive

    I have an old laptop, Gateway Solo 2000, running Win 98 that has the floppy frive and CD drive you have to switch around to use. Floppy works fine, but when I plug the CD drive in and then click on its icon in My Computer, I get the message that the drive isn't accessible/ it's not ready. I...
  35. SkullFox

    Asus G2S running on Windows XP

    Heya! I bought an Asus G2s and It comes pre-installed with Vista32bit. All was running OK, until i started working, and realising that some programs don't work with Vista. Now I want to change to XP, but I have a big problem... The hdd is sata and the notebook has no Floppy. How can I install...
  36. aaaheavy

    Laptop won't boot to Floppy Boot disk

    I have an IBM A30 Laptop, PIII. I cannot get it to boot to a floppy drive. Here is what I have done: 1. Set BIOS Floppy drive ENABLED in CONFIG 2. Choose Floppy Drive as 1st boot (exclamation mark when press INS key, tried this on and off same results.) 3. Tried 3-4 different (they work in...
  37. oompa

    x800 GTO2

    Is this a good card if u unlock it and oc it to x850 speeds? do u need a floppy drive to unlock it? this or 6800 gs. same price.
  38. G

    Accessing data on Acernote light

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi, I've been asked to retrieve some account files from an old Acernote Light laptop. It has a Mitsumi D353F2 external floppy drive that isn't currently reading, writing or formatting floppy disks. It also has a Phonic Pro modem PC card...
  39. G

    Tecra 520CDT

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Got a Tecra 520CDT for free. Wow, it's even got a decent battery and power supply. But I don't have manuals, CD or anything else it may have sold with new. 1. How do I get into the BIOS settings? 2. Does anybody distribute manuals or CD...
  40. G

    Can I use accessory Thinkpad R30 in X40?

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I am using the IBM Thinkpad R30. I already have the R30 docking station, floppy disk drive and CD disc drive. I am think to buy the Thinkpad X40. Can you tell me if my R30's floppy and CD disc drives compatible with the X40? Thank you.
  41. G

    IBM X3 ultrabase

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Group comments about an x31 with the X3? Fluff or handy? I'm thinking of floppy, zipdrive and extra battery.
  42. G

    XP on a Thinkpad?

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I just got a hand me down IBM Thinkpad which is pretty old. Aside from the fact that the hard drive is very small, is there any way to get XP onto it. It came with 98 when it was first released. It has no cd-rom, but I do have an external...
  43. J

    Floppy does not work after new mobo installation

    Hi! After I built my new system I have had problems with getting my floppy disk drive to work. When I try to access it windows says that the floppy disk is not formatted. Sometimes I get an error message that says that there is an O/I error. I have checked that the flat cable is inserter...
  44. D

    Sony Floppy Disk Memory Stick Adaptor

    Can you use Sony's Floppy Disk Memory Stick adaptor to save other files? Like Office Documents and mp3s? Dpaige
  45. G

    startup -Disk I/O error

    Two problems: Scenario: I repartitioned my 8.4 gb partition to be 30 gigs on my new motherboard since it can see it. Reinstalled Win98 on it. Then tried installing WIN98SE but said not enough memory. That is my first problem(how to get around the memory problem even though I have 128MB ram and...