How install Windows xp? (No floppy, no CD-ROM, no, USB boot..)


Oct 23, 2012

I would like install Windows Xp.
I buy a Compaq Armanda M300 Laptop. I cannot boot floppy, CD-ROM because not included. And I cannot boot USB by BIOS, I haven't got dock.... But I have external tool, I can use hdd external hard disk on desktop.

How can I install Windows Xp for laptop?
I looked some videos...

I would also like Windows Xp. Thank you!!!

Sorry my english, I from hungary...


Aug 13, 2010
Hi. I too had a problem similar to you.

If you got a copy of windows 98 or ME, and a desktop PC or another laptop (with CD support) with the same hard drive interface (IDE), and an external CD/DVD drive, this method will work. Before you start, download all the windows 98/ME drivers for your machine and store them on a usb drive.

1 remove hard drive from M300

2 place hard drive in desktop PC connected by an adaptor , or in a laptop as mentioned above

3 install windows 98 or ME onto the hard drive (minimum install for quicker time to install). Once installed, insert the USB drive and copy the downloaded drivers into a folder on your hard drive.

4 once finished installing 98/ME, remove hard drive from desktop PC/Other laptop and place hard drive back into M300

5 upon booting, your M300 will go through a series of driver installations which may require multiple shutdowns of your laptop. Should it not be able to find the driver, browse the folder which you have placed the drivers in.

6 eventualy this will be completed. Once this has been completed, plug your external CD/DVD drive into your M300, place XP disk in drive and begin your upgrade/installation of XP. If you do not have an external CD/DVD drive, then search online on ways of mounting XP onto a USB stick.

Hope that helps.