Custom Boot CD - Unable To Make Bootable


Feb 14, 2006
Good afternoon. I've been trying to create a custom bootable cd-rom for months with no luck at all. The process is as antiquated as it has always been, requiring floppy disks and images, etc. I've tried several apps, nero, roxio, deep burner, winimage, etc. I've tried using floppy disk images from my own collection as well as downloadable versions from the web. The desktops here have no floppy drives, as they weren't ordered with any. I do have a 100% clean cut, bootable usb flash drive that I have created and customized. I've been trying to use that, along with a bootable floppy image (IMA) to make a boot cd but still no luck. I always get some form of a disk or drive i/o error after each attempt at making and trying to boot a boot cd. It's pissing me off.

It is 2009 and after working with computers for 20 years, the process is still a royal pain in the ass and hasn't changed. Any suggestions? I need to make a bootable cd version of this bootable usb flash drive, as we can't be buying a dozen usb drives when we have tons of blank CD's laying around. I've found absolutely "0" information anywhere regarding how to make a bootable cd from a bootable usb flash drive. It's like it doesn't exist. Can that not be done? Any thoughts? Thanks!

-- MaSoP


That process does indeed suck. I have a Thinkpad without floppy and when I replaced the motherboard I had to run some utilities from a floppy image download and no floppy. I cant remember the floppy image file type-maybe img?

I was never able to go from floppy image to bootable CDROM. I did have success going from floppy image->mount as virtual floppy drive->bootable memory stick->cdrom. I will guess the problem you are having is with the image file burning to CD since those programs you listed are fine.

I used the 3 following programs to get mine solved
virtual floppy drive (vfd)

Good luck.