I want to listen to music/sounds through my headphones and stereo/speakers at the same time.


Dec 4, 2013
No I hope i'm putting this in the right place and i also hope you guys can understand what i'm asking but here goes.
I have a gaming computer with headphone and mic plugged in, and i also have a stereo hooked up to speakers and i'm running an AUX cord from the stereo into the PC or mobile phone to listen to music.
I'm looking for a way to listen to music through my headphones and through the speakers at the same time and be able to control the volume of both through hopefully some form of mixer. I hope this all makes sense and its not to dumb of a question.


two ways..

you output via one jack and use an analog volume mixer type device with one output going to headphone and the other speaker

you use a program like virtual audio cable or similar to allow you to output two streams at once (windows likes limiting you to only just one). you should be able to adjust volume with sliders within windows then.
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