I want to move my tv across a 25' living room. The cable that comes with dish isn't long enough to reach that far. Can I pur

Sep 12, 2018
I have a samsung curve tv that dish network is connected to. I want to move the t.v. and dish box across the large living room. The dish cable isn't long enough. I called dish to have someone do the cable for me....but the price she gave me was outrageous. I told her to forget it...I would do it myself....can? I am happy with dish, but not with the placement of furniture in the living room...it's a female thing you know. Please advise asap, as I have made up my mind to do this and you know what happens when a female decides something.........I am over 80 and time is not on my side. Just sayin'

Advise you on what? Shouldn't take that much to extend the cable, just buy another 25 footer from Home Depot, and a female-to-female coupler. Now to do this nicely, behind walls, hidden etc, like the house came with it, well, that takes some effort, and I don't know what kind of skill u posses. The Sat company may relocate you outlet for a nominal fee, they will run a long cable outside your house, staple it, and make another hole on an outside wall, closest to your Tv.
As jsmithepa says you need a cable
and an adapter like this one
That will let you screw the extension to the end of the old cable. I think you can manage this.
The hard part is making it unobtrusive. That will depend on the room layout and how fussy you care to be. A local electrician can probably run the cable for you and charge for an hours time.