I was wondering if someone could rate this laptop for me. ( mediocre gaming )


Mar 3, 2014
Well, I'm looking for a laptop which can run current games on low-medium settings (30+ FPS), and ofcourse on sort of a budget ( not a set amount ). Currently I stumbled upon this one ;


( sorry for the site being Dutch, shouldn't be too hard to understand though )

At first it looked good, however I realized that the benchmarks on notebookcheck were done with I7 processors. I also feel like the 4GB of dedicated RAM on the graphics card may be unneccesary, and then I also realized that a 1900x1080 screen would maybe even be setting me back in video performance...

I understand that desktops are better ofcourse, but I simply can't be bothered with a desktop for a number of reasons.

What do you guys think? I wouldn't mind having a 15.6 inch laptop with 1366x768 resolution, however every laptop I find has atleast 1 flaw with it.

Recommendations are welcome too !


Jun 28, 2007
Portables are not good for running games. No matter what you do it will over heat quickly. You can get much more for your money by building a gaming desktop. Most of the people on this board would be glad to help. Portables are useful for those occasions where mobility is required. That does not include games.
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