Solved! Okay this is my first post however I am wondering on:

Apr 1, 2020
As seen in title I am wondering what the maximum potential I can gain from a 500-800$ laptop within the sphere of capability as far as not just "Graphical Fidelity" I want to have the smoothest gaming experience possible. I haven't had a full spec build for a few months but since I'm under total quarenine I would like to know your opinion on the best possible solution as of 2020 for my enjoyment. Any feedback would be fully appreciated and I greatly appreciate any valid contributions. I'm looking to make my decision in 48 hours so I hope maybe I will receive a range not just at the $800 max but a bit in between as well. Good luck to you all I hope you are all staying happy and healthy along with your family. and that you are open to discussion. (I am based out of NY so the connotation is pretty clear.)

Post note this is being posted via a mobile device and I'd like to get some sense of normalcy via a more interconnected medium. Even if it is CSGO (My minimum as I grew up with 1.5 to CSS to CSGO. I just want to be able to play those with reasonable specs.
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