Aug 31, 2013
im debating on buying either a

Toshiba Satellite Pro L870-18R with 500 gb hard drive 4 g ram HD 7670M with 2GB and a i3 3210m processor that costs 430 pounds or buy the same computer but with i5 3210m witch costs 504 pounds. (Both 17 inches screen)

Now my qestion is?

Is it worth to spend more 74 pounds on i5 processor because i don't see much difference in terms of performance between the i3 m vs i5 m. I mean if it was the I5 3570K vs the AMD 6300fx then i would agree to buy the intel cpu (its worth the 70 or 80 pounds difference) But IN this case i don't find the i5 3210 m that valuable.

In general im gonaa use the pc for standrd aplications but some times i will want to play some games and i want to Know if i will notice much difference between performance and price on i3 3210m vs i5 3210m. thanks