Nov 28, 2016
Hey, I'm buying a HTC Vive and it's time for a new computer. I will be doing a lot of video editing in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Playing lots of games too. I'm interested in the i7 6800k, but I don't know what motherboard to get. Can anyone suggest a few, from best to worst. In addition to that, I don't know much about cpu cooling, so I would need a suggestion for the right cooler that will fit the motherboard and case (if you have any idea for that as well). I'd like a 1080 videocard, but I'm pretty open on brand. I would also need a suggestion on memory (32gb or possibly 64gb depending on final cost), once the motherboard and everything else is figured out.

I'm pretty open on my budget, but would like to keep it under $3500 CAD, but it's a ball park figure. I can find sales and whatnot. I will probably get my computer at NCIX and have them build it.
There's quite a fewout there, might look at the Asus X99-A, the X99-Strix (which is what I got and love it (in sig)), or up a little more to the X99-Deluxe II