I'm buying an Optoma HD26 projector....


Dec 7, 2007
Hey people,

I would like to inquire as to what my best options would be regarding 3D and Sound !!

Do I have to pay nearly 60 quid a pop for the optoma 3d glasses ??? or is there another way round this or another company that does these glasses ?

Also I've been worrying about the sound I suppose there is no point in having a 120" screen without good surround sound setup !!

Can I get a wireless speaker system that works really well ???

Do I put the center speaker under the screen (i'm gonna hang the screen from the ceiling) ??

I will be connecting my pc through maybe a roku 3... I would like to connect my digibox as well. Do I need to run a really long HDMI cable ???

As always all help is greatly appreciated,
There are less expensive 3d glasses. Just make sure they are compatible with your projector.
Yes good sound is important.
Wireless speakers still have to be plugged into an AC outlet since they are self powered so you might eliminate the long front to rear wire but not all wires. Wireless rears and subwoofers are more common but if you can run wires it is cheaper and better. The front speakers are rarely wireless.
The center speaker has to go below the screen unless you use an acoustically transparent screen in which case it can go behind the screen.
Depending on how you arrange the placement of the projector and equipment you would likely need a long HDMI cable if the projector is ceiling mounted. If the projector is on a table and all the equipment (sources and AV receiver) are close to or in the table all you cables except the speaker wires and subwoofer interconnect cables can be short.
My own setup has an HDMI switcher with audio extraction near the projector and my av preamp processor and amps at the front of the room under the screen. I use one coax digital cable to connect the sides of the room. Sub is near the screen and all the front speaker wires are short. The only long speaker runs are to the rears. Not ideal for lossless audio from BD discs but fine for everything else.