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    Solved! optoma uhd 65 and windows 10

    Ok I am new to projectors but I think I am having an issue with Windows 10, miracast and my new Optoma projector. Maybe this goes in the Windows 10 forum - I am guessing at the culprit. I have been messing with this for 2 hours now and find windows 10 is apparently much worse than windows 7 in...
  2. J

    Solved! Hdr choice greyed out in projector settings

    I have the latest Optoma 4K projector I'm running an ultra 4K fire stick and a PS4 Pro through a 4K Onkyo receiver pass through and I cannot get HDR choice in my projector settings it only shows in 1080p
  3. M

    Solved! What's the best way to wirelessly stream audio from my Roku to my projector to my amp's bluetooth receiver?

    I have an Optoma HD143x projector and a Peachtree Nova 150 integrated amp with a Peachtree BT1 bluetooth receiver. My plan is to stream video from a Roku into the projector's HDMI port; connect a bluetooth transmitter (TBD) to the projector's audio out jack; and stream audio to the receiver...
  4. veda2701

    Roku3 + Ultima Activ Teufel + Optima Projector

    Hi all! I have a Roku 3, Teufel Ultima Aktiv speaker system and a Optoma HD142X DLP projector that I need to connect. The Teufel speakers are Bluetooth enabled with a built in receiver, but only 1 HDMI slot. The Roku3 also only has one. Where do I even begin linking these three?
  5. G

    Yamaha Receiver to Optoma Projector Issue

    Looking for any help.... I've been using my home theater with no issues for about a year. Just the other day, I turned on the system and got a "no signal" message displayed on the projector, but still have sound coming from the surround sound. I have a Yamaha rx-v575 receiver and Optoma...
  6. J

    Amp projector soundbar

    So... I have a Optoma projector....a pioneer VSX-LX51 receiver and a Panasonic SC-HTB448... and the beginnings of a migraine trying to connect and get any sound! The projector speaker works fine.. I’ve bought every cable curry’s can offer... in need of some guidance!! And help greatly...
  7. M

    Roku 3 to optoma projector “no signal”

    Hi. I’ve connected a Roku 3 to an optoma projector with a hdmi to VGA cord and I don’t get anything but a “no signal” I also tried with a usb cord and nothing. Both cords came with the projector. Helppppp!
  8. A

    connecting old projector wirelessly

    Dear all, i would like to have your opinion of what would be the best possible solution for making a wireless home cinema system with the following components: Streaming: PC without bluetooth but with HDMI output or IPAD with bluetooth Projector: optoma HD20...
  9. X

    Did I just brake my projector?

    Hello I've had problems with my Optoma HD200X projector for a while.. It started of with some normal color banding(flickering colors), I was unable to fix by cleaning the projector like I've done multiple times before.. However the projector changed from flickering colors to a stable negative...
  10. C

    How to go from a optoma projecter to a Bose mini soundlink using an aux cord

    We are trying to get the sound to connect to our projecter, but when we plug in our speaker the sound doesn't come out. Is it not possible for a bose speaker to connect to a projecter?
  11. D

    optoma projector with no cdmi port and non hdmi receiver how do I connect amazon stick

    optoma projector with no hdmi port and I have a non hdmi receiver how do I connect amazon fire stick
  12. S

    Homecinema: can't play DTS-HD Master or Dolby TrueHD

    Hi, A few weeks ago I bought my self a beamer (OPTOMA HD141X) and a surround audio system(PHILIPS HTB5580G). I use my Playstation 3 & 4 as mediadevices and play mkv-files from a usb. For now I have the hdmi-cables going to my beamer and from my ps3/ps4 I use a optical cable to route the audio...
  13. T

    No audio when connecting Optoma ML750 to Onkyo HT-R393 AV Receiver

    Hi everyone, So I've got a bit of a strange problem. I've got a mini projector with no audio-out port. The original cable Called "Universal I/O" had a audio out in the cable but as it never worked I've been using HDMI. Now if I plug the projector to a laptop/mac it's fine- the audio...
  14. M

    Using a bluetooth transmitter connected to the audio output of an Optoma projector, can I marry wireless/bluetooth speakers?

    I bought an Optoma HD projector for an outside theater. Unfortunately, it does not have bluetooth technology. I want to add wireless speakers. I know there are bluetooth wireless audio transmitters for sale. If I hook one up to the projector's audio output, will I be able to marry bluetooth...
  15. jaymc

    I'm buying an Optoma HD26 projector....

    Hey people, I would like to inquire as to what my best options would be regarding 3D and Sound !! Do I have to pay nearly 60 quid a pop for the optoma 3d glasses ??? or is there another way round this or another company that does these glasses ? Also I've been worrying about the sound I...
  16. D

    Projector Power Cord

    I have an Optoma HD28DSE projector and need a longer power cord than what was provided with the system. The original cord says 10A 125V 1250W (Isheng IS-14). I have a longer cord (10ft) that says 13A 125V and want to use it. Info about Optoma HD28DSE: Power Supply Auto-ranging: 100V ~ 240V ±...
  17. D

    Wirelessly connect Projector to digital tuner box

    I would like to wirelessly connect my optoma projector to a digital tuner box to get basic channels. Here is what I'm thinking... Optoma Projector "wired to" Wireless 3D Digital Kit https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00630WKGI/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Wireless 3D...
  18. S

    send 1 HDMI signal to 2 projectors....one is far away

    I'm installing 2 Optoma DLP projectors (W303ST) at my church. The goal is to project a single HDMI signal from a PC laptop/MacBook to the two projectors simultaneously. One protector is located 35 feet from the laptop. The second projector is located 300 feet from the laptop. I believe I...
  19. S

    Optoma HD141X static for a split second

    Hello, I have a Optoma HD141X, and the electricity in my house is pretty bad. I dimmed my ceiling light and I could hear a loud static/pop from my speakers, and my projector displayed static just like static would look like on a TV, for a split second. Everything seems to be ok, but is it...
  20. H

    Trouble with connecting laptop to receiver with hdmi

    I have macbook pro 13 mid 2009 and id like to connect it trough receiver to projector. Projector which I'm using is the Optoma hd20 and the receiver is the Pioneer audio/video multi-channel receiver VSX-520-s/-k Im using ZAP Mini Displayport - HDMI 4k adapter with my macbook. Problem is that...
  21. D

    Ceiling mount this projector

    How can I ceiling mount the ew330 optoma projector?
  22. D

    Front and Rear jacks into one stereo port?

    Sorry if I describe some things wrong. I'm not very knowledgeable about tech. I have an Optoma MovieTime DLP Projector. Amongst other seemingly unrelated ports, it has one audio port specifically labelled "stereo". I also have a separate audio system: a Cambridge SoundWorks FourPointSurround...
  23. A

    No picture when running 25' HDMI from AVR to projector.

    No picture when running HDMI from AVR to projector. But when i circumvent the AVR and go direct from Roku to projector, using the same cable, there is no problem. I have tested the AVR using the same source and channels and it works to my flat screen.
  24. Z

    Roku 3 to Optoma Projector to Surround Sound

    Hi all. I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-47TX, Roku 3, Sony Bluray and Optoma projector with two HDMI ports but cannot get ANY sound from the speakers at all. Help, please!
  25. A

    Optoma HD65 - Soundvision sv400 and Tizzstick N1.

    Hello guys Well I just bought a Soundvision sv400 and a Tizzstick N1. I'd like to know how to hook them up to my optoma hd65. If I plug in the tizzstick in the projector's hdmi it shows the image but naturally no sound. The soundvision has only 1 hdmi which is output, while the optoma has...
  26. garrzilla

    How to setup 5.1 Surround Sound W/ Xbox One + Optoma Projector

    I am wondering what I need to set up 5.1 surround sound with an Xbox One and an Optoma H180x projector. Just to get it out of the way, I don't have an Xbox One yet, obviously, but I am planning ahead. Surround sound: Onkyo HT-S3500 So I think S/PDIF (optical) is the best audio to use. What...
  27. D

    Replace colourwheel in optoma h79

    i need to know how to open the projector so that i may replace the colour wheel,thanks
  28. dconnors

    CES 2010: Optoma Debuts Two 3D Projectors

    3D is the dominant tech at CES 2010, and Optoma is on the bandwagon with two 120 Hz 3D DLP projectors. CES 2010: Optoma Debuts Two 3D Projectors : Read more
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    Optoma RD50

    Archived from groups: alt.tv.tech.hdtv (More info?) I'm looking for any opinions on this DLP digital high-def set. It looks comparable to other DLP sets I've seen from Samsung and RCA but has some features (namely a very compact cabinet) that appeal to me. I'd like to stick with DLP if I can, I...