Trouble with connecting laptop to receiver with hdmi


Dec 27, 2015
I have macbook pro 13 mid 2009 and id like to connect it trough receiver to projector.

Projector which I'm using is the Optoma hd20

and the receiver is the Pioneer audio/video multi-channel receiver VSX-520-s/-k

Im using ZAP Mini Displayport - HDMI 4k adapter with my macbook.
Problem is that when i plug the adapter and the hdmi to the receivers hdmi input and then select the right channel nothing happens. My macbook reacts to it but the receiver doesn't. No audio or video (the laptops screen). It works if i plug the hdmi straight to the projector, but then there is no audio and i don't want that and its kind harder that way.

I would appreciate if someone could help me :)

I will tell more info if needed.
Sometimes the order you turn things on affects how HDMI devices detect each other. Try booting the laptop after the receiver and TV are on (or before if you tried it the other way).
If you can't get that to work you could use an HDMI audio extractor to give you a digital audio output that you can connect to the receiver. If you have other sources you can get an HDMI switcher with digital audio out.