In desperate need of help, Laptop purchase.


Jul 31, 2013
Hey all, I've been looking around for a new gaming laptop. Can't go desktop due to traveling.

Here is what I'm looking at:
Budget 1800-1900 USD Max

I've been looking at this laptop.

Now my biggest problem is, if I upgrade the GPU that leaves little room for upgrading the other parts. I want to game with this laptop but I won't be playing many variations of games. Mostly FFXIV ARR.

NVIDIA GTX 780M 4GB PCIe Video (NB-FANG-202) [+366]
Is upgrading to 780M worth the +366 dollars?

Or would you go with 770M and upgrade the Ram, CPU and SSD?

On that note, a single SSD harddrive at 128GB should be enough for me, the operating system and a few games. I don't save many video files.

Please help me pick the best parts! I'm really stumbling on this.
I also want to get this, Thermaltake Massive23 LX Notebook Cooler w/ 230mm Blue LED Fan. I think it's worth the 29 dollars to help cool my new laptop.
The 780M will gloriously outshine the 770M, even though both are great cards. Upgrading the VGA will only benefit you with games and other heavy video editing/rendering applications, though. If you leave the 770M in and upgrade other said components, you'll notice quite a big difference across all applications (especially with the SSD+). You might be surprised how quickly 128 GB fills up. ;) Of course, it would be more ideal to add a HDD for data and leave the 128 GB as far as value goes.

The thermaltake cooler has received some good reviews. Be sure to look into the NotePal u3 from CoolerMaster, also.

P.S. That Fangbook is a rebranded MSI GT70.