Indie gaming laptop mainly for work use


Oct 2, 2011
CPU: Intel
Screen size: 15-15.6" preferred, or <15 if price range can't be met
Price Range: $500-600 (cheaper is preferred, as I will probably toss an SSD in it)
RAM: At least 4GB
OS: Windows 7 preferred (I kind of hate windows 8, but it is acceptable)

I need some guidance on finding a decent laptop. I will be using it mostly for work/research (which isn't very intensive). But I would like it to be capable of light gaming (mostly indie games like Bastion, Torchlight 2, etc...). If it is capable of playing more intensive games (like PayDay) awesome, but since it is primarily a work computer battery life trumps gaming ability (must be able to handle indie games like previously mentioned).

Any suggestions are appreciated :)