Inspiron 1546 shutdown after 10 seconds


Apr 25, 2012
I have a friends Dell Inspiron 1546 that used to run Windows 7 Home. When it is plugged in or on battery and you turn on the fans turn on and the power indicator lights up. After about 7-10 seconds it just turns off. I do not get any output on the monitor or thru the VGA output (as if it doesnt turn on). I checked the obvious things like removing the RAM, reseatting it. The only change I can notice is if I remove the RAM completely and turn on, I will get 2 short beeps.

My first thought was the motherboard, and I found one online from someone who had a decent rating for good used parts, so I purchased it and replaced it and no change.

My next guess (assuming the new motherboard is good) is to replace the CPU.

I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone could provide to try next.




Jul 11, 2012

Doug - I'm having the same issue. Did you ever resolve?


Jul 13, 2012

Just encountered this exact same problem today! Either of you guys get anywhere?
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