Inspiron 5520 Touchpad Issue


Mar 2, 2012
I wasn't sure where to post this.

I spoke with tech support from Dell, they're too ******* incompotent to help. One rep sounded like he was stoned then his response to my problem was, "Okay......*Hangs up*" Been trying to call back for hours trying to reach that same person so I can curse that little **** out. Got a hold of another guy from the premium tech support who was trying to help me through GoToAssist(sort of TeamView), decided to let him check it out, after a few minutes he was BRB, after few minutes of him AFK, I started feeling violated of him being able to control my computer, hung up and shut off the computer and system restored to make sure there's no trace of that problem at all.

I got this laptop about 2 months ago, it has the latest BIOS version, etc...

Whenever I press any keys besides Ctrl/Alt keys, my mouse briefly freezes for one second. I have tried the latest driver and previous driver version via Some people might find this freezing thing a good thing, but it's freaking annoying when I'm trying to cut/copy/paste with hotkeys and having to wait for the mouse to release.

This is NOT hardware issue nor BIOS issue. I tried putting palm tracking sensitivity to off and multi gesture monitoring off, still gets frozen whenever I type or hold a key. I solved this problem by FULLY removing ELAN driver by going through every system file and deleting any trace of the program, I restarted program, it worked! I could finally move my mouse whenever I hold a key. It's running off Microsoft factory mouse driver, not ELAN driver.

I NEED the driver because without it, I can't customize my touchpad. Without the driver, I can't scroll, it tap clicks, sensitivity is too high. So, I reinstalled the latest driver via, and again, my problem came back, pressing any key makes my cursor freeze briefly.

I seriously need some help here.


May 10, 2013
I had the exact same problem. your actually the one that helped me fix it. uninstall the thing elan touchpad thingy. problem solved. but if you still want all those gestures and stuff. go to dell and goto the place were you download your elan driver. and when you download it, it should give you the option to download the hard drive version or the app/stand alone version. chose the app/stand alone version. and turn off palm tracking. problem solved.

for anyone that doesn't know what the elan touchpad is. its a software that basicall controls your touchpad. goto your uninstall programs place and uninstall :). then do the above.

enjoy because it was soooooo annoying for me.