Installed all drivers except WLAN - Vaio

Teo Zarkopafilis

May 13, 2015
Friend gives me PC which for whatever reason had 24/7 100% cpu usage and 100% ram usage. Ubuntu live ran smoothly so I reinstalled windows. All are going well , I downloaded all the drivers from sony's website....but wlan (Network Controller(!)) driver fails to install. Product model is VPCEJ1L1E. Help!
IF you're certain the drivers you're attempting to install are the correct drivers for both your network adapter chipset model (Many machines with the same model number sometimes have various different individual components that could potentially be used. Two different laptops with the exact same model number could have different wireless and Ethernet adapters among other differences.) and operating system version, then there's a good chance your network adapter has simply failed or that other issues such as use of unlicensed software that's infected could be to blame.