Installed Sound System


Apr 3, 2017
Hello, I wanted to put a message out and see if anyone could help me.
We recently renovated our church and installed a brand new sound system, speakers, and 3 tvs in the building.
Since then, we have been having problem after problem with our wireless mics and feedback and interference. We ended up replacing one of the mics because the receiver was causing a almost machine gun noise when the channel was turned up.
We run 2 Sennhiser gw100 g3 and 1 senhisser gw100 g2.
We run sharp 65" aqua tvs. The mics are plugged in through the rack and there is one outlet powering the whole rack. The Tvs are plugged into basic wall outlets through a power strip along with a sdi to hdmi converter.
Could this be a simple frequency problem? We have tried different ones and it still happens. Let me know if you need more information.
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