Question Speakers Constantly Showing Red X

Dec 22, 2020
I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3585 and the speakers in the taskbar down beside the date/time keep showing a red X on them. I've tried to run through the windows troubleshooter, and it tells me that the speakers are unplugged. This is a laptop, and I could be wrong, but I think the sound card would be embedded with the motherboard, so I'd rather not open the laptop casing. I have also opened device manager, uninstalled the driver, and rebooted, but as soon as windows starts up the red X is back. Lastly, I also went to the Dell website, entered my Service Tag # and downloaded the driver for RealTekAudio, and at the end of the installation it said to reboot. Even after rebooting the red X is still showing over sound.

I have updated the BIOS, updated the Chipset.

What additional steps can I try to see if sound will work?

BTW - this is a new laptop straight out of box, I have installed all Windows updates, and only installed Chrome, Notepad++ and Minecraft.
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