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  1. Mphillips7

    Question Hdmi extender issue

    Good morning. I am dealing with a sound issue at my house. I have a projector that is plugged into a Yamaha Home Theater Receiver in my basement. I have 5 speakers which are in my drop ceiling. They are connected by speaker cables into the receiver. I then have a Cat6 ethernet cable ran from...
  2. Simi_123

    Question Asus Vivobook Pro 16X OLED (new) makes quiet electrical buzzing noise! Is this normal?

    Hi, the laptop is less than a month old. I think the noise is coming from under the keyboard, more on the right side. It is a very quiet noise, but can be heard when the room is silent/quiet or when I go with my head near the keyboard. Does your laptop make that noise too? Is this normal or...
  3. George77774455

    Question Harsh sound after switching from mains to battery power

    Hey guys, i have a harsh sound after switching from mains to battery power when only in a specific situation: disconect the mains power cable while in hibernation, coming back from hibernation (on battery power) the laptop makes a 1 sec. long harsh sound. Can it be the difference in voltage when...
  4. M

    Question No sound from sound bar until 2-3 seconds after content starting

    I have a Hisense U7G Android TV. I connected it to the Samsung Q600A sound bar through HDMI ARC to the eARC port on the TV. I noticed that it takes a few seconds of the content playing for sound to come out of the speaker. Or when I play a video after pausing it, it takes a few seconds for the...
  5. B

    Solved! speakers: "the device you are configuring has been removed" (but it looks like it's there)

    Hi, I've tried everything to fix this. After a Windows 11 update to my Lenovo Thinkbook 14-IIL, Realtek sound stopped working. I did a system restore before the update. Nothing happened. I did the full list of about a dozen items that Windows tells you to do. Nothing happened. I removed the...
  6. T

    Solved! Can a 5.1 speaker system work on a stereo motherboard?

    Hello, I really need your help. I have a Logitech Z506 5.1 surround sound system but the motherboard I am interested in buying which is the ASROCK A320m-Hdv AM4 only has 3 ports which is the Mic port (pink), Audio out (green) and line in (blue). However, the Logitech z506 5.5 speaker system has...
  7. I

    Solved! Is an DAC required to power an AMP?

    Hello, recently I have bought the 250 Ohm version of the DT990, and I have decided that I wanted to buy an Amp and Dac. I was looking to buy the Schiit Magni 3, and Modi 3. But I was wondering if I could just buy the Amp and connect the Amp from Rca to 3.5mm into the back of my PC. What I am...
  8. T

    Question LG Sound Sync Wireless TV - is there anything I can do to connect wireless headphones?

    Hello, I’ve got an LG webos tv uf680v and bought wireless earbuds for it but it will not recognise them. I’m just wondering if it’s worth buying something like a Bluetooth transmitter so that they’ll work? I don’t know much about them so any help would be amazing! Thanks!
  9. RJGrayLight

    Solved! Bass Sensitive Gaming Speaker Suggestions

    Hey, As the title suggests, I'm bass sensitive. Meaning that I get pretty sick consistently when it comes to "feeling" bass sounds. Like, I'm calling out of work because my face is stuck in my toilet and my vision is blurred from the migraines for 3-5 hours because I felt strong bass for 3-5...
  10. W

    Solved! What happens if I connect RCA of a sterio speaker (3.5mm male to be used for line out)to line in of CPU ? Does it cause any harm to my speaker?

    What happens if I connect RCA of a sterio speaker (3.5mm male pin to be used for line out)to line in of CPU ? Does it cause any harm to my speaker. I accidentally connected speaker's RCA (3.5mm male pin) to my CPU's line in & it caused loud hissing distorted sound from speaker. I wonder if it...
  11. R

    Question Samsoung TabPro S Sound

    In my Samsung TabPro S laptop, how can I get simultaneous audio through both the USBC and 3.5mm jacks? The 3.5mm sound cuts out when I plug in the USBC. That's not it. I think it has something to do with the sound card.
  12. J

    Question Need help connecting Old USB Harmon/Kardon SoundSticks and new 2021 Dell XPS laptop

    I have some old USB Harmon Kardon SoundSticks that work fine; they were tested with other Windows and Mac laptops, a Windows PC, and even my Android phone (with a USB adapter)! I have a new Dell XPS laptop running Windows 10 with all of the current patches as well as Dell's firmware updates. I...
  13. miketheknight2016

    Question Speakers Constantly Showing Red X

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3585 and the speakers in the taskbar down beside the date/time keep showing a red X on them. I've tried to run through the windows troubleshooter, and it tells me that the speakers are unplugged. This is a laptop, and I could be wrong, but I think the sound card would...
  14. deadboy619

    Question A faint sound coming from my new Asus Tuf A15

    I got a new Tuf A15 a few days ago and yesterday I noticed a faint sound coming from it. I don't know how to describe it. Maybe like an insect chirping? I don't hear it on my older laptops. It isn't loud. I can hear it in silence during the night or if I put my ear on the chassis during the day...
  15. S

    Solved! How to fix audio in Toshiba Satellite laptop (one day trying fixes)

    Problem: Since driver update with "Iobit driver Booster" Laptop built-in speakers and headphone jack don't work but in the windows sound panel the device shows green waves (sound signal output) Laptop: Toshiba Satellite P50-B-10v (PSPNUE) OS: Windows 10 home x64 v: 2004 Tried fixes (will edit...
  16. dclxvi13

    Question No bass/ weak sound change when plugging external speakers

    So as the title says, one day, outta nowhere my subwoofer which i was using for the last 2 years started to offer me only treble and absolutely no bass at all. I might have a theory that a windows update could be the impostor. I checked my sound drivers and its all up to date. Any ideas how i...
  17. D

    Question How do I hear PC sound with the Yamaha MG10XU?

    Hello, i got this Headset: with this cable: And I have the Yamaha MG10XU. I can use the Mic of this headset but I cant hear any Pc sound. Can anyone give me an insturuction where...
  18. B

    Question Internal Audio Feedback?

    Hi all, CONTEXT: So I was on voice chat (Discord) with some people, but then disconnected and left to go eat lunch. Everything was working fine at this point. Then I come back and rejoin, everybody starts yelling "AAAAAAAAH KILL IT! WHAT IS THAT?!?!" They were hearing some otherworldly, hellish...
  19. Vexzionel

    Question HyperX Cloud Alpha underperforming (low audio)

    Hey guys, I went ahead and bought HyperX Cloud Alphas today after quite a bit of consideration. Unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed with the audio and I'm wondering if anything can be done about it. The headset is laughably quiet and the bass is negligible, rest is quite mediocre (kinda...
  20. Kartunz

    Question 7.1 surround headset volume low when driver is installed

    hello so i have this 7.1 surround headset volume that i got since 2018 iirc (sades wolfang if it's necessary) and it needs to download a driver to enable the 7.1 surround and i had some problems using this before such as that time i tested my mic on steam/steam games and my sound is reduced...
  21. J

    Solved! Home Theater Receiver making random buzzing noise

    Hello all. I have been trying to figure this issue out for weeks now, have researched anything/everything possible, and I just can't find a solution. I've looked throughout this forum and noticed people with similar problems, but they don't seem to be specific to what I'm experiencing. I really...
  22. B

    Solved! Soundbar works with Roku but not Blu-ray player audio - how to fix?

    Hi All, I’m having trouble getting my blu-ray player to talk to my soundbar. The soundbar works fine with the Roku, but when I switch to the blu-ray player, the sound only comes through the TV speakers, not the soundbar. I’ve tried messing with the settings and cables but so far, nothing has...
  23. A

    Hello need some help cant get my headset to work

    Hey, I really need some help here. I put my Xbox one s on my Asus gaming monitor but I can't get any sound from my box to my Sans Fil level 50 wireless headset when I go to setting and go to volume & audio output there nothing to there make the sound go to my headset.
  24. H

    Solved! Headphones can't be put in when I play Games

    Hello! Whenever I want to play a game on my Medion S6445 Laptop and need to use my headphones I need to put them in before I start the game or otherwise they won't work. If I load a game, for example Sims or Overwatch, and I put the headphones in during the process of the game opening up or it...
  25. D

    Asus Laptop Sound Problem

    Hi! So, my laptop has had sound problems for a long time. Usually it starts with a crackling sound in the speakers and then the sound stops working completely. Then if I put it in sleep mode and starts it again, usually the sound works again. But now the sound doesn't work at all. No sound from...
  26. Andrew_PDK

    Question Wich portable speaker to choose.

    I'm going to buy a good portable speaker but I don't have enough ideas which one to choose. The best for me is Marshall Kilburn II, Harman/Kardon Go Play, JBL Boombox. I often leave the city and for me is really important the quality and max. volume of the speaker. I have been listening both...
  27. guizmopeg

    Solved! Can't properly transfer TV sound to sound system

    I know this problem is as old as the hills, but I still can't manage to find anything precise about my case, even though it seems pretty basic to me. I have a 32" LCD LG TV, model: 32LG60-UA (2008). I also have a Durabrand 5.1 sound system, model: HT-3917 (2007). When it comes to audio out, my...
  28. D

    headset with 2 audio jacks on laptop with only 1 jack

    I have Logitech G230's they have 2 audio jacks but my laptop only has one, i bought a splitter to plug both of them in to my laptop but only the sound works, i have the newest drivers installed, the device is enabled and i have read over 10 or so other threads on the same issue without finding...
  29. _Binz

    Solved! Laptop is using dedicated mic instead of external mic

    so my laptop at some point decided to use the dedicated mic instead of my headphone's mic, but the sound output did come from my headphone. i did noticed this problem when i was playing game with my friend via discord, he notice that my sound is worse than usual. at that time i tried to mute my...
  30. T

    Solved! Adding an external sound card to DELL Inspiron 5000 5579 laptop.

    Hello all, I am interested in buying an external sound card for my DELL laptop since I am very upset with its sound quality. However, I have wireless Bluetooth headphones set, and I couldn't find any sound card that supports wireless headphones, Can you advise please? Thank you.