Intel dual core 2nd generation processors vs intel core i3 first generation proc


Jul 2, 2012
I get confused with core i3 first gen. and dual core 2nd gen. processors. Can some body explain me which is better as I am looking to buy one of them. Also let me know if I can run windows XP professional on any of the two above.


Apr 11, 2012
it will depend on what you are doing heres the pros and cons

heres just the on paper differences

as for physical differences, the i3 370m is a last gen dual core+ hyperthreading(its sorta like a pseudo 2 cores, not as good as 2 physical, but can be used similar to one)

the pentium chip will have the sandy bridge architecture, which is a significant boost compared to the clarksdale, but its solely a dual core chip.

On programs that require 2 or less cores to operate, I would think the sandy bridge would have enough power to overcome the .2 ghz difference between the 2 processors, but on ones that can utilize hyperthreading, the i3 370m I would think will have a slight advantage.