Internal Crack on screen HP Elitebook 6930p


Oct 29, 2013
So my HP Elitebook 6930p laptop (only computer) has a internal crack and I cant see half the screen, I can send pictures if needed. I am 14 and know well about computers, but I use this for school and cant afford a new one and if my mom or dad figures out they will ground me for breaking something... Even though I bought it :( I also use this old 2008 laptop to game pretty well aswell! I have dual booted linux so I can use it for school too... If you can give me a way to fix this or a way to be able to use my kindle fire as a monitor, that would be awesome. I Prefer a way to fix the screen though... Thank you!


Oct 29, 2013

Well my TV (i use as monitor) is down stairs and I have to be upstairs, I can buy a replacement screen tho
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