Solved! Ive bought a second hand HP Elitebook 8470p - should i reset it (is so how?) to get a new log on password etc?

Aug 6, 2020
I've just bought a second hand HP Elitebook 8470p. When I log on with the passcode given it obviously defaults to the previous owners screen background etc.

I'm just wondering if I should actually do so sort of reset, as the log on screen also shows a random name of the account.

Would a reset allow me to use my personal details for logging on to the laptop? And would it still retain the windows operating?

No cd came with the laptop when I bought it, just the laptop, charger and bag.

Thanks in advance :)

1st, check which product key is being used and write it down
use a tool like windows product viewer
update windows 7 to windows 10 with the media creation tool from Microsoft
Windows 7 should no longer be used as it is not generally getting updated. Although microsoft does not officially support free updates to Win 10 any more, they apparently allow this to happen anyway. Research how to do this on the internet.

I would never use a 2nd hand computer that had not been wiped. You have no easy way of knowing what is installed that may be spying on you (anti-virus programs do no catch everything). I would do a clean upgrade to Win 10, where I select the option to remove everything existing. Again, you can find lots of information on the internet regarding how to do this.