Running 64bit on hp elitebook 6930p 4gb ram is it bad?

Jan 17, 2019
I used to operate on a 32 bit system of hp 6930p 2gb ram . I upgraded the ram to 4gb on a windows 10 home system, only to discover that it was using 2.9 gb.
I finally bought a new hard disk and decided to upgrade it to 64 bit system on windows 8.1...
Everything went well...
Will I experience any form of challenge in the future or should I step down to 32bit?
from 32 to 64 is like cassette to CD, there is no going back.

The only problem u may bump into if you have some old hardware (10+ years old) that has no 64 bit driver, no longer supported by vendor, but there are ways around it.
The recommendation used to be to use the 32-bit version of Windows on systems with 4 GB or less. The reason is because the "default" data sizes are larger with 64-bit programs than with 32-bit programs. So a program compiled as 64-bit ends up a bit larger and uses a bit more RAM than if you compile it as 32-bit. The 32-bit programs are just limited to 4 GB of memory space max.

But we're far enough into the 64-bit era that I'd actually worry about certain programs or drivers not being available in 32-bit versions anymore. So I would say go 64-bit. 32-bit software can run on a 64-bit OS. The reverse is not true.