Ios6 restore\update error - can't restore from backup

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Nov 26, 2011
Hi. I recently updated my iphone 3gs to ios6 and received an error. My iphone was automatically put into recovery mode. I restored it happily enough because it made a backup just before it started updating to ios6. However, when it finished restoring, i didn't get the option to restore from a backup. Now the iphone is trying to get setup as a new phone. When i shift-click on my device in itunes, the only option is to eject it. There definitely is a backup because i've checked preferences. I've uninstalled and re-installed itunes, restarted my computer, and restored the iphone multiple times now. I've seen in other forums that i could delete itunes_control and that would fix it but i'm not doing that unless im sure it will work. Is there a third party program i can use to restore from backup? Or can i forcibly make itunes do it? I really need help with this one. :(
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